Top 11 Best Earphones Under 1000 – Wireless & Wired

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Earphones are the necessary components. Especially when we talk about the best earphones under 1000.  And also talk about its regular usage. 

A single day can not go out without the usage of it. People have started loving its capabilities. Capabilities of making someone happy.

Capabilities of erasing pain and discomfort. Music is such a medium that can reduce pain. And to listen to music earphones are the primary thing. Without earphones, nothing will get done.

Especially because of its all-pervasive nature. From the gym to the kitchen everywhere it has entertained the users. Earphones can be of many types. But to choose the best one is a task. There are many brands and models too.

They have different price ranges. But most of the time what happens is that people become causal.

Since it is a regular usage material they do not invest so much Potential here. But earphones surround the sensitive areas of the user.

Here if the user does not pay attention to that the casual outlook may lead up to serious health hazards. The earbuds and the balanced sound quality should get the most importance.

Especially because of the unbalanced sound quality the harmful consequences occur. So the mindset needs to change. Something that is dealing with regular pleasure needs to get an adequate amount of importance.

There goes a very detailed discussion. Through which the Information of best earphones will be known.

Customers should not get confused amidst the chaos of a lot of products. They would buy happily and wisely.

Which earphone is best in India?

Picking up one single product among all the other ones is a big task. It is important to know that Bose and Sennheiser have been doing a great job for a long while now. Let’s start with Sennheiser.

This brand has been providing real good reasons to the customers to opt for this particular product. This has got an amazing balanced sound setup.

The quality is so on point that people do not have to arrange anything externally. It is also important to mention that it has water-resistant sports models.

This model has been specifically equipped with integrated remote control systems. These wireless structures are so convenient that everybody praised the quality.

Coming to the point of portability. It is so adjustable that it easily gets fitted inside a pocket. So if there is a small journey that can get easily done with this. The conical upgrade of smartphones can easily be done with this.

The detailed and open sound mechanism is quite good considering the price range in which it puts most of the attention. Now Bose has also attracted the attention of the buyers for a long time now.

It is true that the lightweight and easy-to-wear features it has no other product can live up to that level. The level of comfort it gives is totally uncompromising. Customers can truly sense the advancement of technology through it.

Not only is good music it also hints at the level of upgrading. That is for so many years it stayed as one of the best items in the Indian market.

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Which earphone to choose Wired or Wireless?

Mainly the personal preference lies above all. What at all do you want to incorporate into the daily routine. But both of the items have been equipped with good pros and cons. It is important to note down that wired earphones have been in the market since 1910.

After that, a lot of changes have happened. But according to the price range, it seemed to ascribe to the pocket-friendly options. Sound quality does not get affected by this too. The main problem that customers face here is the cable.

The length of the cable is very problematic for the ones who work from desktops or any other medium. And again it is not possible to roam around freely while using a wired one. From this angle, wireless is very convenient.

At least for 30 feet, the user can roam around freely. It is also necessary to mention that at any place it is carried with the customer itself. No amount of problem has to be faced. With the help of online sales now the users do not have to pay a great amount for the wireless ones also.

Top 11 Best Earphones Under 1000 (Quick list)

  • boAt Bassheads 102 in Ear Wired Earphone with Mic
  • JBL C100SI In-Ear Deep Bass Earphone with Mic
  • boAt Bassheads 225 in Ear Wired Earphone with Mic
  • realme Buds 2 with Mic
  • boAt Bassheads 242 in Ear Wired Earphone
  • pTron Boom Ultima Wired Earphone with in-line Mic
  • Boult Audio BassBuds Loop in-Ear Wired Earphone
  • Noise Tune Sport 2 in-Ear Bluetooth Earphone with Mic
  • pTron Tangent Plus Magnetic in-Ear Wireless Earphone
  • Boult Audio ProBass X1-WL in-Ear Wireless Earphone
  • pTron Tangentbeat in-Ear Bluetooth Earphone

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Best Earphones Under 1000

In that regard, they can just sit back and relax. All types of modern features have been incorporated with these wireless ones. And the range of variations is also present. So if the users want to become achievers from all aspects it is wise to go for wireless ones. To get better service. That includes customer care service too.

1. boAt Bassheads 102 in-Ear Wired Earphone with Mic


Key Features :

  • Has got a perfect in-line mic structure.
  • Has been equipped with a proper hook.
  • Audio quality is very impressive.
  • A budget-friendly option is there.

This product stands out to be one of the best earphones under 1000. Especially because of the added modern features that it has. As a brand, boAt has been doing a really great job for the longest while now.

Especially in the field of producing superior quality musical instruments. Coming to the exciting features of the product, here also it did not disappoint the users. It has been equipped with an integrated mic structure.

Coming to the point it has got a very significant length of cable. Which seems to be tangle-free. And the compatibility range goes from Android and ios connectivity. The length of the cable is an eye-catching part here.

  • Budget friendly option is lying above all.
  • No battery is required.
  • Warranty service is really good. Trustworthy vision has been guaranteed. Can easily be said one of the best earphones in India under 1000.
  • The quality of the bass could get better.

2. JBL C100SI In-Ear Deep Bass Earphone with Mic

Key Features:

  • Premium quality of sound has been guaranteed.
  • Easily adjustable features are there.
  • Google voice assistant spark has become synonymous to this product.

This can certainly fit the domain of best earphones under 1000. Whenever we talk about earphones one thing that comes in our mind is the level of comfort.

Yes, here the level of comfort is so on point. Basically, the earphones are angled fit. Which reduces all the possible pain which comes along with the product.

So the user can have a comfortable musical journey. The noise-canceling option really stands out. The Younger generation went gaga over the color and the material.

Quick launch access of google voice assistant and Siri is another reason why people are loving it so much. Very convenient to use, considering the low weight. One of the best earphones under 1000 with mic.

  • One button universal remote has reduced all the generic troubles. Rejecting calls is no more a hectic task to perform.
  • Warranty wise the product stands out among all other products.
  • The sleek and glossy design has grabbed most of the attention of the people.
  • The identifier which works as a mark to find out the right and left speaker is not properly situated. So there people face trouble.

3. boAt Bassheads 225 in-Ear Wired Earphone with Mic

Key Features:

  • Complete metal finish can be seen.
  • The mic structure has also been great.
  • The used PVC cable is durable and tangle free.
  • Bass quality is too much superior.

This boAt can absolutely fit the domain of the best earphones under 1000. No matter what comes in the deep bass quality is very premium.

And whenever the bass quality comes out to be great the sound quality becomes equally good. The 3.5 mm aux cable is not only good, but also very easy to use.

While using the product no customer has faced any greater amount of trouble. Integrated mic generation is also on point.

Which in a way gives a wholesome vibe to the user. Connectivity ranges up to android ios and iPhones. Service-wise is really good. Users have identified this product to be one of the best earphones with a mic under 1000.

  • Additional earbuds are being provided by the company with this particular model.
  • Gold plated angled jack is another highlighted feature that this product holds.
  • Customers are going to avail of 7 variant color options here.
  • No cons found.

4. realme Buds 2 with Mic


Key Features:

  • A very premium design has come up here.
  • Super deep bass is another highlighted feature.
  • Cable strap organiser is there. So the problem of tangles does not prevail here.

This nodel anyhow fits into the domain of best earphones under 1000. The 11mm deep bass is giving a good vibe.

Deep, powerful, and balanced bass is very good for setting up a proper mood. Coming to the point that it has been equipped with a three-line mic structure.

And that mic can be used for three consecutive purposes. For voice assistant. For incoming calls. And as well as for balanced sound put.

The evenly designed and proper shape ensures a valid point that the product is never going to get tangled no matter what else happens.

The grooving design seems to be very attractive. Realme buds 2 make a comfortable outlook for the users. So even if they face problems that are not going to last forever.

  • The matte and sleek design is not only attractive but also easy to carry.
  • Integrated magnets have been used for parting the product nicely.
  • Price wise affordable. One of the best earphones in India under 1000.
  • No cons found.

5. boAt Bassheads 242 in-Ear Wired Earphone

Key Features:

  • Sweat and water-resisting features are present.
  • Variety of vibrant color options are present.
  • The sound quality is superb.

This product of boAt also fits the domain of best earphones under 1000. Especially because of the added benefits which are coming up with that. The sound quality has been HD inspired.

And while the earphones come to the on the mode the existing sweat conditions come to the end. The common problem with the length of the cable also ends here. The quality of the cable is good. It comes out to be durable and tangle free.

So in terms of parting the earphone properly no amount of problem lies here. Connectivity issues rise up to every item. From android ios to other items. The control button is easily accessible.

The controlling flow is in the hands of the user. And mic controlling also gets completed due to that. Product is very high on service. As well as the warranty seems to be great.

  • Various kinds of colour options are available here. So that the users can enjoy it accordingly.
  • IPX 4 sweat and water resistant available here.
  • Extra earbuds and carry pouch comes with the product.
  • Quality of the wire can get better.

6. pTron Boom Ultima Wired Earphone with in-line Mic

Key Features:

  • Dual dynamic drivers have come to be known here.
  • Ergonomic earbuds are very convenient in order to hear them.
  • HD mic protection is there.

This clearly fits into the domain of best earphones under 1000. Stereo sound and bass has been granted. One of the perks that customers are going to avail from it is the in line mic control and the controlling option.

There is a complete three-way sound that makes the sound very wholesome. Which really gives a good vibe to the ears of the users. This has come up with a very low-frequency level yet the full-fledged sound comes up.

An uncompromising stand comes in the scene. Mainly the crystal clear treble earns the clear sound experience. The inline controller helps to use the mic properly. And through this receiving and rejecting, calls become easier.

The 3.5 mm corrosion-free audio connector helps to build the proper setup. Coming to the level of service. The level of service is very much on point. No problem occurs.

  • The aux connector seems to be widely connected. From laptop, desktop to every kind of phone the range varies in such a good way.
  • Maintains the connectivity of current in a very good way.
  • All types of music can be played. From pop, jazz, rock, metal everywhere.
  • Quality of the overall structure can get better.

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7. Boult Audio BassBuds Loop in-Ear Wired Earphone

Key Features:

  • Aluminum body is the significant point to choose this one.
  • Passive noise cancelation is doing a great job.
  • Water and sweat resistant bodies are very good.

This is one of those good products that are stealing the show. And can absolutely achieve the tag of best earphones under 1000. Very good service. And when we talk about the body it has been providing the complete aluminum body.

So in case of harmful consequences the product does not stand out like that. The bass quality is superb. No amount of uncompromising stance is there.

Coming to the point that all kinds of controlling modes that are here can easily be operated by the users. It is so good that users have got the utmost level of comfort while channelizing this.

The sound seems to be 3D, and it has punchy components. Which feels great in the ears. Product has come up with ear loops which are ideally made for all kinds of activities. From running to playing sports everywhere the usage seems to be wide and great.

The customer does not have to face any compatibility issues. From laptop to all other android devices the compatibility seems to be great. One of the best earphones under 500 with mic.

  • Voice Assistant and Siri’s performance comes out to be great.
  • Has been equipped with an AL alloy driver which ensures the best quality of acoustic.
  • The warranty seems to be great, also the cordial approach of the executives.
  • Build quality not up to the mark.

8. Noise Tune Sport 2 in-Ear Bluetooth Earphone with Mic


Key Features:

  • Very good Compact design.
  • 6 hours of service which lies above all.
  • The inbuilt controlling options are very easy to access.

This product clearly achieves the title of best Bluetooth earphones in India. Coming to the controlling options that are really good.

And that gives the utmost level of convenience to the users. After every single charge, the product consistently gives performance for consecutive six hours. And that gets applied for all kinds of performance.

Which includes the proper type of service and all kinds of music. Bluetooth connectivity lies above all. The 10 mm speaker driver gives the strongest of all vibes which is very much friendly and trustworthy.

For over a range of 10 meters the customers can use the seamless connections. And this quality has been guaranteed through many real reviews. Adjustable Silicon fin existence prevails there for way too long. Which actually makes it the best wireless earphones under 1000.

It genuinely provides comfort to all the users. Inline button and mic help to control everything. Receiving calls and rejecting both can be done properly. Can easily be tagged as the best Bluetooth earphones under 1000.

  • Dual pairing support is so on point. So switching between calls and videos does not seem problematic.
  • Controlling the world of music with so much ease can be done with the help of this.
  • Bluetooth v5.0, the premium version has been used here. One of the best earphones in India under 1000.
  • Quality of the charging port cover can get better.

9. pTron Tangent Plus Magnetic In-Ear Wireless Earphone

Key Features:

  • Has been equipped with a TF slot card.
  • Ergonomic design comes up here.
  • Powerful and comfortable neckband.

This product definitely goes with the tag of one of the best Bluetooth earphones in India. With a wide range of options.

Especially the one which attracts everybody’s attention is the neckband. Which is of good quality and equally comfortable. Not every product in the market has been equipped with this one.

Magnetic earbuds do provide one of the excellent features. This is why the customer does not have to think about the tangling situation. It is all-time tangle-free. And while taking it off the automatically lesser amount of space gets consumed.

One of the best earphones in India under 1000. The overall size of the earphone is any day larger than the normal one. This is why the detailed sound comes up 70% clearer than the normal one.

A constructed form of material has been. The covering of stainless steel is also great. Dermatological problems are happened to be rare phenomena.

One of the best Bluetooth earphones under 1000. Integrated HD microphone reduces all the ill possibilities of harsh communication. Communication runs very very smoothly through the amazing mic.

And when it comes to controlling all the activities are being performed in a good manner. Service-wise really good. One of the best earphones in India under 1000.

  • 15 hours of back-to-back music can be played. After a single charge. And that gives a consecutive good performance.
  • Mobile storage can be saved.
  • Direct music playing is the highlighted point here. One of the Best wireless earphones under 1000.
  • The microphone’s performance with the laptop is not that good.

10. Boult Audio ProBass X1-WL in-Ear Wireless Earphone


Key Features:

  • 12 long hours of battery life.
  • Sweat and resistant control specifications are really good.
  • Passive noise cancelation is on point.

This product happens to be one of those rare good products with the tag of best Bluetooth earphones in India under 1000. Playback time goes to the point of 12 lomg hours.

And the product can be kept for standby mode for at least 1-2 days. It is also true does not really consume much of time while charging.

Only one hour of charge can complete the entire procedure. Water and sweat controlling remains on point.

This is why time and again users have recommended this model. Especially because of the itching issue. A lot of people try to avoid earphones but such situations do not really occur here. Integrated micro woofers produce deep bass. Which makes it the best wireless earphones under 1000.  

Currently, in the market at this budget, no single product gives that many advantages. The neckband is very lightweight. It is sturdy too. That is wearing it through the neck is helpful. No amount of problems occur.

The problem of tangling gets solved here. It is completely wireless. Whereas Bluetooth 5.0 version has been used. The premium most among all. High on service. And budget-friendly too.

  • The used earbuds definitely bring a better calling experience for the customers.
  • The material that has been used here is pure and genuine.
  • Washing earbuds to keep it away from germ is possible for the nano-coating outer layer.
  • 12 hours of battery running capacity is a big deal. And this product gives that. Users have repeatedly said that this has become one of the best Bluetooth earphones under 1000.
  • The bass quality is not great.

11. pTron Tangentbeat In-Ear Bluetooth Earphone

Key Features:

  • Ergonomic magnetic earbuds have been used here.
  • Good quality of sound with added passive noise cancelation.
  • Integrated mic facility lies above all.

This product stands out to be one of the best Bluetooth earphones under 1000 in India. All kinds of modern features have been incorporated with this one. No amount of problems customers have faced in this while.

Coming to the point that it also happens to be water and sweat-resistant. So wearing it for the gym or for any exercise is not going to be big trouble. This product gives 6 hours of constant performance.

And does not really consume much time. Only one hour of charge can inherit the best of all capabilities here. Stereo audio with bass makes it more exclusive. Where every single tune and tone comes out to be clearer.

And that is really good for all music lovers. 100 hours of standby time and enlighten the quality to some greater extent. This product has been equipped with a dual side balance weight. Which anyhow provides a very comfortable musical journey to all the users.

The size is way too much perfect for carrying. This is why time and again uses have recommended this product. And tagged it to be the best wireless earphones under 1000.

The tangle-free gesture is so convenient that anybody can keep it inside the luggage yet can face the exact good position. Compatible devices are all kinds of Smartphones, desktops, and laptops. Really good on the budget. One of the best earphones with mic under 1000.

  • Multiple functions can be played through this earphone. Happens to be the best Bluetooth earphones under 1000.
  • Budget wise the specifications come out to be really good.
  • 3 types of vibrant color options are available. Easily the user can choose.
  • A few distortions at full volume mode have been witnessed.

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Best Earphones Under 1000 – Buyer’s Guide


Earphones have become the daily essential item. People should know what are the possible points which can be looked after when it comes to earphones. So that amidst a lot of other products buying earphones do not come out to be stagnant. People can know by themselves what is right and what is wrong.

Where to invest the actual amount of money. What are the necessary outlooks to enhance the quality of music? Music is something that is an irreplaceable part of life. To listen to a better quality of music it is important to go by all the pros and cons. The following brands are the leading brands now. So if a customer knows the details of the brands then it will be easier to buy.

boAt earphones

When we are talking about boAt earphones one thing that comes out to be true is the bass quality. Super deep bass quality. And passive noise cancelation mode has become truly effective.

For over many years the way boAt has been. Catering to the needs in terms of providing the modern features that are also great. Coming to the point of sweat and water-resistant these two features are also being enabled here. The quality of the earbuds and Aluminum metal happens to be very good.

Apart from these factors, one thing that comes out to be true is the multi-functional issues. These earphones perform so many activities together. From video to call everywhere that shows.

This brand generally offers earphones that are tangle-free and easy to carry. Due to the lightweight, the easy-to-carry feature came to be great.

So when customers are opting for this product, they are going to avail these advantages. And all these specifications are constants for all the earphones under 1000.

Proton earphones

This is another great brand that has again paid most of the attention to the quality of bass and sound. This is why the premium quality of the sound mechanism comes out to be true. Coming to the point that water and sweat-resistant features are also there.

The point of charging does not take much time when it is about Bluetooth ones. Otherwise, the charging options are not that good in the market available products. Can cover up to 10 feet. 10 hours of service can get provided.

So many color options are also available here. So customers who are going to opt for this will get all these advantages while using. And all these specifications are constants for all the earphones under 1000.

Noise tune sport earphones

Customers who are going to buy this product is going to be a gainer too. Options like dual parining is there. Which is very lucrative when using the product whike gymming or running comes in the scene.

Due to this switching between calls and videos comes out to be true. This product has giben a total budget friendly Outlook. So die to this younger generation can make the most of its goodness. So many colour options are available.

Bluetooth connectivity is also great. The users do not have to think about it. After a singular charge, the products can run for at least 6 hours. And all these specifications are constants for all the earphones under 1000.

Type of earphones

With earbuds

When we talk about earphones one thing needs the proper care that is these type of earphones have the earbuds. Which are made of the soft cotton pads. And mainly used for comfort. Earphones surround one of the most sensitive areas.

And due to that people can use it for long. So the quality of earbuds matters above all. While buying the users should pay utmost attention to what kind of earbuds have been used

With neckband

This is also very helpful for the user. Especially if the product is equipped with a neckband. In most cases, these possibilities of tangling do not occur. Due to the magnetic earbuds. No Special care is needed. People can use it accordingly.

And they’re keeping it inside the bag will not be a trouble. While running or doing exercises this type of earphones cokes out to be great.

Wireless Earphones

These types of products are the byproducts of modern amenities. So that the user can have the chance of multi-tasking.

Bluetooth earphones are convenient and easy to use. A good charge can give good service. And in recent times due to the fact that most of the earphones are wireless, the service centers perform a good role while repairing them.

Wired Earphones

They are also good in quality. In the sound quality also no amount of uncompromising stance comes out. One of the good things about this is the price range. The affordable rates are here. So that anybody can come and enjoy the music.

Additional Features

Sound Quality

The Sound quality of the earphones need to het crosschecked. Quality depends on passive noise cancelation too. That is why whether it is deep bass or not that needs to be known.

If a product has the capability to ensure a deep bass experience then 70% clearer tune and tone will come over.

What kind of music is going to be played that depends on the bass quality. If the bass is good then from jazz to folk every single genre will be performing in a good way.

Loud and clear does not mean an unbalanced form. A balanced form of music needs to get adapted.

Multi Functional Abilities

In today’s time people generally look for a lot of prospects a single time. No individual can waste time on a single task.

Which why from operating videos to both receiving and rejecting calls the earphones should perform nicely.

This is why an integrated mic and easy-to-use buttoned remote need to be there. Coming to the point that the abovementioned brands have the ability to do that. And all the models more or less have the feature.

This is why all kinds of controlling options are being channelized by the models themselves.

Space Consumption

While occupying space the earphones play an important role. If they are not tangling in nature they will not consume much space.

That is a very significant point to be looked after. And if the weight varies from 26-30 grams then it is lightweight and can be carried everywhere.

So if customers pay attention to these points they can absolutely be a gainer. And the purchase can fit into their level of demand.


Finding the best earphones under 1000 is not a big task. But what to do and what to not need to be understand perfectly. Not everybody has the level of hearing things in the same way.

So it is necessary for a Product to go up to that level so that everything can get matched. Then only multi-dimensional forms will come out. It is always advisable to read out the reviews and make proper research. Then only good purchases can take place.

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