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Top 10 Best Food Processors in India 2022 – Honest Review

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Are you planning to buy a new Food Processor for your kitchen? Then read the article and find the top 10 Best Food Processors in India today.

Food processors have become the essential ingredients in the modern kitchen setups, a few years down the line people will not be able to think of organizing a kitchen without the help of food processors.

But this is the right time to allow yourself to get a hold of the best food processors in India 2022.

The speed, the time-saving features, the easy-going attitude it serves among the newcomers that somehow people who can not cook have also become the fan of this particular machine.

It is also true, the level of comfort it serves with the help of the technicalities, it hard for human labor to reach the level of such perfection.

Previously people used to get reluctant only due to the procedure, and the ways of completing the service, questions like how to execute the entire process have been so constant that they can not really think of any other thing.

So the rate of selling of these products was not so high, but after a while when all these products started coming up with the guidebooks, users started having the joy of exploring their food items.

Previously the amount of physical labour it demanded, which actually forced the users to take a step back from having exotic cuisines, the diversity was someway missing in the process.

Modern technology gave birth to food processors and the best of cooking innovations came into being, in various forms. But it is difficult to find the best among all.

Which are the best food processors in India?

When we start the discussion about good food processors, one thing that comes out to be prevalent is the brand name.

Yes, customers do check out the brands before opting for any kitchen material, in that case.

Bajaj is the best of all, for so many years, the way it has associated the service with kitchen setups deserves the best mention. This definitely gives the best food processor in India.

Which food processor is good for home use?

This question has a straight reply, the food processor which has the modern technological outputs in terms of the main bowl litre as well as the motor life and noise-free.

People actually should opt for that one, and the customer care service needs to be on point as well.

List of Best Food Processors in India 2022

  • Inalsa Easy Prep Food Processor, 800W
  • Bajaj Food Factory FX 11 Food Processor, 600 watt
  • Morphy Richards Icon Superb Food Processor, 1000 Watt
  • Inalsa INOX Food Processor, 1000W
  • Butterfly Cresta Food Processor, 750 watt
  • Inalsa Fiesta Food Processor, 650 watt
  • Bajaj FX-1000 Food Processor, 1000W
  • Inalsa Wonder Maxie Plus V2 Food Processor, 700w
  • Bajaj MasterChef 3.0 Food Processor, 600w
  • Philips Food Processor, 700-Watt

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Best Food Processors in India

let’s have a detailed discussion on how things can be really helpful at the time of buying food processors.

So that users do not have to face much confusion and can settle down to the point which is convenient for them and can help them in the kitchen space accordingly.

1. Inalsa Easy Prep Food Processor, 800W


This is one of those leading products, which is clearly securing a good position in the category of best food processors in India.

When people are trying hard to find a suitable product for them which is going to be both skills equipped as well as time-saving, nothing can get better than this.

The 800-watt powerful blades of the machines work so perfectly that from chopping to machine everything seems to be done in no time.

Coming to the other points, a lot of market available products do not really hold the option of getting the hold of all types of vegetables but in this case, all types of vegetables can be cut properly.

A lot of products do not offer the option of making home spices, because the low quality of the blades can not really put up with the load that the user demands.

Foods can be sliced and shredded properly, one thing that becomes really relevant when we talk about this product is, shredding and slicing can be done to non-veg items as well, just like on meat, fish, prawns, etc.

Users have said they really got good results when the daily smoothy became a concerning topic to have.

The quality of the product which is going in the machine remains the same no matter how much time it stays in the bowl.

It is also true 2 types of speed capacity it holds, it is up to the user what kind of speed is required and to get applied, users can just sit back and enjoy the meal.

  • Hassle-free performance within a minute.
  • The bowl is 1.5litre of weightage, so easily a big meal for a joint family can be made.
  • Additional products like kneading blade, egg whisk, vegetable cutter blades, shredder blades all come along with this product.
  • Preparations like tomato puree, sauce, semi mash, the complete mash can be cooked with love and with no trouble.
  • Due to the manufacturing country, availability might be an issue.

2. Bajaj Food Factory FX 11 Food Processor, 600 watt

This again very well fits the well-known category of best food processor in India, especially due to the brand name.

In all these years of technological upgradation we all have witnessed how bajaj has occupied a big space in order to serve the best quality of kitchen appliances in every way possible.

So when it comes to food processors, this was kind of expected, that this company will also take an upper hand in this field.

Exactly that has happened where bajaj has come up with the multifunctional 600 watts of food processor which saves time and guarantees the best quality of food ingredients at any time.

The 3-speed settings and the exceptionally well pulse functions do bless the kitchen experience to a greater extent.

The bowls which are given with the kit are completely made of stainless steel, so the matter of lack of hygiene is also not popping out here.

Comes in a set of 3 jars, where the main jar is capable of handling weightage upto 1.25 liter whereas the others are capable of carrying the chutney kind of items, which do not need that much spacing.

All are polycarbonate-free and easy to wash. Making juices, regular batters, whipped cream for cakes and pastries, cutting vegetables, chopping meat all can be done with the same amount of perfection and consistency.

Battery life is also very good. So are the reviews from various users. The diversity it has regarding providing good quality of service lies above all.

  • Battery protector is present in this device.
  • Warranty savings is also very good compared to the other products.
  • Noise-free technology has been adapted.
  • The interlocking system is saving the device from any kind of adverse situation as well as from the children of the house.
  • Need to follow the guidebook thoroughly.

3. Morphy Richards Icon Superb Food Processor, 1000 Watt


This particular product very well fits into the category of best food processor in India as in the functions.

It has is absolutely new in range and the number of all the functions are also greater than any other product in the market.

7 different types of slicing and cutting options are available in this product, while 16 types of techniques are being applied.

A 100watt motor is there, so it is needless to say the quality of performance the machine gives is any day greater than the others.

Morphy Richards as a company has been serving in this field for a long while now, so the basic commitment it has tried is fulfilling in every way possible. 7 unique jars are there which has become really very helpful in order to complete multiple functions.

From chopping to cutting to making any type of juice the smooth service it gives seems to be highly appreciated and loved by all age groups.

No amount of complications are there when the operation of the machines goes on.

1000 watt powerful motor where a 3-speed multi-functional tool has been adapted here.

Coming to another point, different types of additional 11 types of other products also come with this product such as extra blades, extra bowls, box toppers even, and the very useful guidebook which enables the user to have a good performance irrespective of the preexistent skills.

Reviews have been very positive about this product, so it should own a must-tag amidst all the products.

  • Battery life of the product is so good that it does not actually need the warranty.
  • A 2 years long warranty period is given.
  • Money saving tips have been given along with the product.
  • Child locking system is really very good. Erase all possibilities of accidents.
  • Availability of the product on the online shopping site is definitely a big issue.

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4. Inalsa INOX Food Processor, 1000W

This is again one of those front liner products which has been blessing the cooking skills of the users for a long while now.

Coming to the point that the new cuisine explorations have been made possible only due to the diverse course of cooking ranges which have come into being.

From cutting different shapes and sizes of vegetables as per the convenience of the user to get the best quality of all status of meat, fish, prawn has become the brownie point for the users to go for this product.

It has been solely decorated as a core ingredient of the modular kitchen setups. Because of the level of purity we see-through in the products the 100% equipment of copper as well.

As the speed it servers in the kitchen in terms of preparing food that is really commendable.

So many users have said previously they didn’t use to get enough time for themselves to relax or do what is needed be it exercising or doing yoga, but since the time of the installment of this particular gadget at the kitchen space.

3-speed technology has been adapted, which gives rise to the possibility that everything can be sorted within a few minutes.

Just because the speed increases in the range does not mean the user has to compromise with the quality, quality checking has always been so pointing that no complaints really went against it.

  • Best food processor in India as it has the unique options of child locking and silence proof mechanisms.
  • The sharp-edged blades can give various unique shapes to the vegetables.
  • Battery warranty has been a brownie point that comes along with the product setup.
  • Customer care service is also so on point.
  • No cons found.

5. Butterfly Cresta Food Processor, 750 watt


This particular product has become so efficient in this particular arena only due to the features it holds. The features made this product a significant one, made achieving the tag of best food processor in India 2022.

The battery life of the product seems to be really good in quality, where we can very well observe the fact that it enables the user to have the best quality of food processing system since the 750 watt is enough to run the machine in a good way.

Coming to the other points that are here the users can get hold of 4-speed motors. Previously the fact of 3-speed motors came in a whole new shape and format in this product where time-saving tips have reached a whole new level.

And this particular 4speed motor has been designed for a better quality of food processing and grinding which can not get available for other various products that have been occupying the market for a prolonged period of time.

The jars which are being used are completely made of stainless steel, so that it becomes easier for the user at the time of washing as well as at the time of processing it becomes both easy and safer to continue the process.

All types of materials have been provided in terms of egg whisker, chapati maker, juicer, cutter all types of possible food makers have come along with the whole set to give a wholesome experience to the user.

Different sizes and shapes of the blades are available due to this product, and that is why it has become possible for the users to make the best-diversified qualification of the food and platter, even for bigger meals also the problems never really occurred.

  • Systems like child locking, soundproof mechanisms have also been settled up.
  • Making bigger meals for a large number of members is no more an issue.
  • The quality of all the additional products is also so on point that there is no place to complain.
  • Ergonomic design makes the life of the machine even more durable.
  • The popularity of the product needs to be circulated.

6. Inalsa Fiesta Food Processor, 650 watt

This product not only grabs the title of best food processor in India but also it is a very powerful product in terms of the service it provides.

Especially when it comes to the unbreakable structure that the users can avail due to the usage of stainless steel material and the positioning of the jars that are also very exotic and explicit in terms of making the best quality of food.

It is true all kinds of diversity can be found with the help of this particular product. The product and the material have been so on point that it has been resisting all kinds of external invasions for the longest time now.

8 jars are being supplied with the product, and only because of that a wide range of services can be executed with so much grace.

Cutting, chopping, shredding, extracting meat, juice, sauce, puree everything can be prepared within a few minutes or so.

A kneader, an egg whisker, cutting and chopping blades everything comes and lightens up the workload the user has, the user can do anything while working with it, very much time saving and fully urbanized, appropriate for modular kitchen setups.

  • Does not require enough spacing, can be located at any place.
  • Motor life insurance given by the company is really very good.
  • Child locking system has been capturing all the attention of the users.
  • Noise-free production becomes a plus point.
  • Voltage fluctuation in some areas might be an issue to its capacity of work.

7. Bajaj FX-1000 Food Processor, 1000W

The company itself speaks for the product, bajaj has been one of a kind in this very field of producing good quality kitchen appliances and then lightening up all the heavy work for the user.

So we are bound to address such a phenomenon as the best food processor in India, especially because of the fine quality of the results we get coming out from the products.

Here also the same thing gets applied, the extraordinary speed of the motor to get completed the work has been phenomenal also the point when the quality of the food comes into the discussion.

We can very well admit the fact that the quality of the food remains intact, no matter what comes in. The options of availing the speed of the motor in accordance with the convenience of the user have always been there.

If you are in a hurry yet want to make something exotic then the speed will definitely increase whereas for slow cooking also the methodologists come out to be very perfect.

The egg whisk that comes with the product is so good that people stopped making eggs on pans, the quality remains accurate of whipped cream, sauce, different kinds of salads, meat grinding, and so on.

The grinder is pretty good in size, avails of all kinds of possibilities. The motor is completely copper-based, whereas the other additional goods such as extra blades, surfaces, toppings, bases, all have been included with germ-free protection.

Bigger meals can be cooked easily since the inner pot is 1.5 liter, literally good on service and good on reviews.

  • Due to preparing large meals, the fear of an imbalanced gesture, where the products will go out of the box ends here.
  • Customer care service is on point.
  • Child locking system has been well organized.
  • Does not consume much electricity.
  • Without availing offers, the original price may seem a bit heavy on pocket.

8. Inalsa Wonder Maxie Plus V2 Food Processor, 700w

This product has perfectly equipped a good space in light of the best food processors in India.

It is true this company has provided so many good quality products before that is why the level of expectations increase in amount, whenever the product quality comes into concern, one thing that has become pivotal is the time-saving tips.

It does have the 4speed motor operations, where it has become apparent that at any moment any form of food ingredients can be made.

The name suggests that it has the quality of a master chef which very well says that timing has become a big issue. Whether it’s about cooking a small meal or a big meal, the good features seem to get attached to the machine in the greatest way possible.

100% of the pure copper motor which is 700W has been used here, so that very well guarantees a good battery life. 6 functional cutters have been installed in this product that works too perfectly.

Coming to the various other parts, all of us work perfectly even better than all other products that come under this company. Good on reviews and good on service too.

  • Child lock system is good and very protective.
  • Germ protection shields are there.
  • Prompt customer care service.
  • Product durability lies above all.
  • No cons there.

9. Bajaj MasterChef 3.0 Food Processor, 600w

The name suggests everything, how well the machine functions. The brand itself has got the tag of best food processors in India it is so good, that people stopped looking for other products.

And only put the utmost level of concentration into the processing but also it happens to be really very time-saving and effortless.

Every single thing that goes in the machine, works so perfectly that nothing can beat the consistency of the material that is coming out of the machine.

All kinds of possible activities in terms of chopping, cutting, shredding, making juice, spice grinding everything come under the knowledge of the user. 4speed technology has been adapted where the potency of the battery life gets proved.

The user can increase the speed accordingly. Quality checking remains on point. So are the germ protection shields. Is definitely very good on service and the reviews users gave are also very positive. The availability rate is also good.

  • A multi-functional process has been adapted.
  • Customer care service is also on point.
  • The sharp-edged blades are really very useful.
  • Child locking, no noise system has been incorporated.
  • Product quality is not up to the mark.

10. Philips Food Processor, 700-Watt


This is another Best Food Processors in India 2022.

The name suggests all, Philips as a brand has always been really very important for the kitchen appliances and modular kitchen setups.

It is true in this field this particular brand has been occupying a greater space and giving good competition to all the newly formed products and the respective brands.

This particular brand has about 700-watt motor life, which anyhow guarantees a good battery life as well as good service.

From cutting to chopping to shredding everything comes to be done by the processor due to the extraordinary efficiency it has.

Quality maintenance of the product seems to be so on point, that users have repeatedly tried non-veg items for grinding, mashing, but they have stuck to their old stances, that everything runs so perfectly.

A whole new technology has been adopted here, which is known as power chip technology where the better positioning of blades, cutters have been exceptionally made and executed.

Centrifugal juicer has been used in terms of extracting juice from all kinds of fruits. Be it soft or harsh.

A lot of products make the user face tremendous trouble at the time of washing them, but for this product, such things rarely come up. Speed of the performance is also very good, no complaints regarding that. People should try this out, as the product very certainly grabs the attention of the best food processor in India.

  • Product Availability on the online websites is so good.
  • Does not occupy much space in the kitchen arena.
  • Easy accessibility rate, anyone can use it without facing any hassle.
  • Budget friendly option is there, for bigger families it seems to be a great relief.
  • Secondary bowls are made of plastic, which might be an issue.

Best Food Processors in India – Buyer’s Guide


Food processors have become an essential item in the kitchen in this modern era.

People can not really think of making regular meals without the presence of this. Coming to the brands there are way too many popular brands who are working in this field  Bajaj, Sony, at times Philips even come out to be good.

But while buying them it is essential for us to get a hold of all the features. And which has to be there in the item at any cost.

Cooking Mechanism

The cooking Mechanism of the product has to be so good, that the questions like, drastic changes in the product which has been given to the machine.

Or for that matter degradation of the food quality should be checked accurately, it is not the case that the product has to do all the effort.

But whatever is put inside the machine, has to be prepared in a good way.

Blade performance

A lot of times the sharp-edged blades do not really give what the user actually wants. In this regard, it is always useful to check the demonstrations so that after buying the sharp edge does not backlash the customer itself.


It is important for a food processor to be multi-functional, otherwise, it is of no use, no matter how frequently you use time-consuming features it will be the same.

The more activities a food processor can do at a limited stretch of timing, the more it becomes easier for customers to handle.

Additional Features

Whipped cream, whisking eggs, making sauce, puree, crunches, grinding spices all such things are the essential. People think they are not constant ones, but it is useful to know that a food processor includes all these items as a whole, otherwise the point of the food processor does not matter.

Size of the bowls

If you are fond of making bigger meals or having a bigger family then it is always advisable to buy the processors which have the litres of 1.2 at least, it seems to be easy to process as well as easy to wash.

Speed Technology

Speed is also a very vital point when the matter of processing food comes into being, a lot of processors have the ability to channelize the operation in accordance with the timing so that at the quick moment speed can get increased in the same way it can get decreased, that too needs to be looked after.

Best Food Processor Brands in India

There is no such specific idea that this is the only brand that needs to be bought. There are so many products as well as so many brands, the one that suits your budget and kitchen size you should go for that.

Instead of blindly following others’ suggestions. Sort out your priorities, buy wisely. When the brands come into the picture.

It’s better for the user to have short yet crisp research about all the brands that are currently becoming overpowering in the market.

Morphy Richards


As a brand, Morphy Richards comes into being like the 9th most famous brand who has been producing all sorts of home appliances among all the popular brands of the world.

It is also true, the service quality in all these years have been very significant. When it comes to a food processor the speed of the respective brand had made the buyers stick to the product.

As a brand, it has imaginative ideas and one of the oldest among all the known brands. So when the discussion begins which is the best food processor, then from all point of views, Morphy Richards superb food processor 1000 watt is the best for all purposes.


This is again one of those significant brands that have been grabbing the market for so long. Bajaj as a brand of a food processor has always been on top of the list, only due to the upgradation it makes with the changing course of time.

What demands today, bajaj supplies that. Another very significant point of sooting this one is the prompt service, at any place in India.

Even their Service reached interiors. So it is a must-have. Amongst all other products, the bajaj MasterChef food processor, seems to be the best.


If buyers are looking for a budget friendly option but yet good service quality then nothing can really get better than this.

This particular brand previously has taken up good measures in terms of producing products like quick sandwich maker, water bottle, coffee makers, and buyers were kind of pleased with the service.

So in this case also, if you do not want to spend a lot of money on the food processor, then butterfly is a good choice. Butterfly Cresta 750 watt food processor can be a good one.


The first thought of making food processors were actually invented by this brand, thirty years ago.

But in the Indian market race, it still enjoys the same amount of popularity and it has the ability to serve the best, that is why buyers can have a lot of options when they finally opt for such products.

Throughout the Indian market, nobody could ever beat its technological outputs. It’s a must one, among all good options

Best Food Processors in India -FAQs

Is it worth buying a food processor?

Yes, definitely it is worth buying a food processor especially because of the time-saving Mechanisms.

And lack of physical labor investments, initially, it was not like that, people could not think of arranging brunch at home.

But due to the presence of the food processor nothing really bothers the household chores now, everything can be smoothly utilized as well as there is no problem with cleaning the appliances.

Which is a better food processor or blender?

There are a few brands that actually help to get the blenders along with the food processors, so blender as a product itself comes under the category of the food processor as well, customers have to pay attention while buying. So that they can avail of this benefit.

Are food processors and mixer grinders the same?

Food processors themselves include items like a mixer grinder, all the items as a whole known to be the food processor.

So yes, if for the convenience at the time of recommending someone any brand or model, if that seems to be easy, then users can very well call it like that only.

How many watts is a good food processor?

Watts does not say how good or bad the food processor is. It is on the brand and mostly on the technicalities of what kind of features it is availing, the rest of the thing depends on that only.

Whether or not the product seems to be enabling the modern outlooks that too matters the most.

What is the best affordable food processor in India?

Bajaj in itself is the best affordable food processor in India. Especially when online shopping comes to be a concerning point along with a few other details, bajaj has always made everyone satisfied with the service they give, so amongst all the options this brand takes the first place.

Conclusion for Best Food Processors in India 2021

Whenever we talk about food processors a lot of people do not really understand what is that how to incorporate their ways of cooking skills into that.

But it is important to circulate the message that at the time of need if somebody at home is not able to cook and there is a lack of physical labor then people should go after this product.

Tensions of wasting so much electricity can be sorted too. Space can also be saved. A good furnished experience is going to be achieved, so better Let’s not take Others advice and opt for these products.

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