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Top 11 Best Washing Machine in India 2022 – Buying Guide & FAQs

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These days Washing Machines have become so popular that it is really hard to find the best washing machine in India.

Speaking from the practical point of view, it might seem that there are a bunch of options as well as so many products which have lots of offers, but how to go by the actual.

functional procedures and make the best out of it seems to be a great task. Washing machines happened to be the most common, yet quite expensive home appliances these days, the availability is great, no doubt of it.

But before investing money in it, buyers think twice. Whether or not somebody in person can do all the work which is being claimed to be executed by the machine, has always been in the thoughts of the buyers.

The electricity consumption rate, models, colors, and especially the size of the products have always been the most concerning points for the investments.

It is true that the way the selling of washing machines has increased in the world phenomena, people try to grab the most updated featured version so far.

Washing machines have always been the finest example of technological advancements.

In modern days, when so many people across the world are facing tremendous water problems, this particular electronic gadget is using bare minimum water accordingly yet saving your time and effort.

It is literally one step away from the performative skills. Lesser tension, yet better results.

Which are the best washing machines in India?

when we talk about the best washing machines in India, we try our best to cover up a lot of other features that somehow in these days come along with it.

Firstly the ones that are very important to choose between products, whether or not the machines automatically function.

Whether or not the reset button is present there, whether or not it gets automatically charged right after power cuts, all these significant points are very important when we go to buy any product.

Now in India these there are a lot of brands that are systematically fulfilling all the criteria.

Some of them even have a lot of other Potential keys, which help to save the time of the user as well as help to save the money.

Brands like LG, Samsung, Whirlpool are really good among them. But pointing out a singular product from them and then tagging it to be the best, is not wise, what kind of a house you have what is your budget option, what do you see in your criteria all should get jotted down.

Then only you will understand what appears to be the best for you because products are in a way customized. You will have to choose the best among them.

Which is the No 1 washing machine brand in India?

Currently, LG has become one of those leading brands in India.

Specifically, in terms of the modern features, it has offered the users for so long. When we talk about this brand lets not forget about the thinkQ smart app, yes this app is so so overpowering that it does not matter at which distance the service center is situated but all your questions can get answered in no time.

Also, LG has come with variants of both front loading and top-loading washing machines too. Features are too good, as well as the process of washing.

A lot of products have come up with customized product sensing capabilities where, what kind of fabric has been given, what kind of special care is needed, for how long the products need to get into the machine, weightage capacity everything comes under this.

The service center option is also very prompt and goes to. Buyers have time and again recommended this product.

List of Best Washing Machine in India 2022

  • Samsung 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine
  • IFB 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine
  • Whirlpool 6.5 kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine
  • Godrej 7 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine
  • LG 6.5 Kg Smart Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine
  • Bosch 7 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine
  • Panasonic 7 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine
  • LG 6.0 Kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine
  • IFB 7 Kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine
  • Samsung 7 Kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine
  • Bosch 8 Kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

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Best Washing Machine in India

People should be calculative while investing, that is why here go some of the best-detailed discussions of the best washing machine in India.

Buy wisely, and after buying do not regret it. That is what should always be the motto, various companies offer various features, opt for the one which suits you the best.

1. Samsung 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

This is one of the best washing machine in India 2022. This happens to be one of the frontline best products of Samsung.

The very modern features of this low weight package are certainly very fascinating for a lot of buyers.

If we talk about the features the first one that comes to our mind is the eco tub clean feature.

This particular feature ensures the lesser amount of chemical exposure in the level of water that is there in the tub.

The level of hygiene maintaining it does, is exceptional as well as very helpful for the user, as in, at the very right moment of water increasing it notifies the user.

So that the user does not have to spend much time thinking when the right time will arrive, the systematic procedure attracts the buyers.

It has been equipped with a new feature called, air turbine, which extracts the maximum amount of water from the clothes so that while it gets dried, the process becomes easier.

The magic filter system cleans everything and even influences the drainage system so systematically that nothing gets clogged up.

The diamond drum technology ensures that your cloth does not have to deal with any tearing incidents, or any such damage while getting washed, as the curly structure of the system is so beautiful that anything can get washed due to this only.

A tempered glass window has been used, so the possibilities of damage are low in that case.

  • Heavy clothes like blankets, woolen garments, heavy fabrics can get a proper wash.
  • For urban home decor, the product seems perfect.
  • As of now, the product has become the best top loading washing machine in India.
  • Equipped with features like child lock, restart options.
  • Might be an issue with the drainage system if the iron percentage in the water is very high.

2. IFB 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine


This is one of those best products considering the greater amount of washing that this product commits. Currently considering the affordability rate this product seems to be the best fully automatic washing machine in India.

It works very gently all over the tints and damage of the product, maintains the fabric quality so firmly that nothing can be compared with it.

When we talk about damage protection, let’s remember this product has the current smooth wash effects, which ensures that the product while getting washed experiences a cushion-like coverage while getting dried or washed.

3D technology has been used to channelize the process of washing clothes, for better washing strategies. It has been also equipped with a deep clean mechanism, not even a single tint goes unwashed.

Though it pulls off the tints and damages but does maintain the product originality. It is not the case while washing the original color of the product vanishes away. It has a brand new feature in it, which is known as spa protection.

While the products get washed the best quality of smell, freshness, soft gesture comes up.

The generic harshness that comes out due to washing in machines does not occur for this item, in this case, it is really.

Different from other market available products. This also happens to be the best top load washing machine in India. Consumes less electricity, but voltage wise works perfectly.

  • It has the new auto-balance system, via which the weightage of the products can be pre-measured.
  • Protective rat mesh has been installed properly.
  • The full body is stainless steel made, damage-free protection is guaranteed.
  • In built heater is there.
  • Saves water to a greater extent.
  • No cons found.

3. Whirlpool 6.5 kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

This product also comes under the category of best washing machine in India. Simply because the feature details it has been mind-blowing.

Considering the affordability rate, the way it has outshined is really commendable.

This has also been proven that the product comes under the category of the best top loading washing machine in India too. This product comes with a five-star rating, which anyhow ensures better washing capabilities.

Spiro wash technique is genuinely followed by this machine, where 20% greater washing facilities are generally taken along with the assurance that there will be no damage to the product itself.

Considering the price range it does stand out among all other products, the way the premium quality of service is being given is really commendable and exemplary.

If there is a running water problem in the areas of the user, then also the machine can sense it very well and can do the necessary thing, as it deems fit. It has come up with the best 12 programs of washing, step by step that occurs for the fabrics.

Which fabric needs what amount of care, where to do slightly harsh, and where to not all these methods have been pre-installed here.

Another important feature of it is ZPF, zero protection fill, which ensures 50% a lesser amount of water pressure in the tub so that the durability of the machine gets sustained for way too long.

It also has the feature of adjusting the working mode if the water that gets used in the wash contains a lot of iron as well as the water appears to be serviceable. Very good service, good on buyers demands too.

  • There is a proper technology of 1-2-3, as soon as the buyer presses the button, the action gets started within no time.
  • Currently as per rating, seems to be the best automatic washing machine in India.
  • The process of washing and drying can be finished at your convenience, the way you set the time, that is how it proceeds.
  • Child lock protection is also an important key feature that this product has.
  • Product availability might be an issue.

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4. Godrej 7 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

One of the best washing machines in India, we can very firmly say this as the features it has is any day greater than the other products.

It does come under the very category of the best fully automatic washing machine in India. The budget, size, and color of the product are so authentic and organic that people can not really refrain from buying this. Very high on demand.

It has come up with the latest washing procedure which starts with the 5 steps washing mechanism. This 5 step washing method is nothing but ensuring the fabric quality of the product that is being washed, as well as trying to differentiate between the other fabrics if, at the time of washing, there are various fabrics at a time.

After the washing gets completed it comes with the segment of active soaking mechanism, within the machine itself it only takes 5-8 minutes to completely wash the products that are inside.

Users do not have to invest so much extra effort to soak the products, the indigenous process is so strong that nothing can get compared in front of it. Coming to the protection, there is an inbuilt child lock, which ensures the product safety as well as the safety of your child.

The process is known as acu wash, as it works like acupressure, there is pressure but there is a good result. There is an inbuilt option called i-wash, the option is literally one press away from the user’s fingertips. Best top loading washing machine in India.

  • The automatic process of channelizations is very strong itself.
  • Among the 5 wash programs, you can select the one that suits you best.
  • Higher spin speed helps to wash the clothes fastly.
  • Customer care service is very prompt.
  • Choice of products online might be an issue due to its availability.

5. LG 6.5 Kg Smart Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Currently, in the market, this happens to be one of those leading products so far, considering the very new smart inverter feature, this smart inverter feature is nothing but saving electricity rate.

The unnecessary electricity consumption can be restricted due to this feature only. That is really budget saving as well as very certainly good on the home voltage, as this feature ensures maintaining stability in your voltage, which is really very helpful.

Coming to the water balance, it does save water as well as turbo technology releases the water in such a flow that it does not require to be said that concentrated the water level is and how fast it comes in action.

Among the other market available products it has the best motor life, the longer motor life, ensures that there comes no issue while washing the clothes as well as releasing the water, it ensures that nothing comes to the motor itself.

The turbo dum also ensures the premium level of washing so that not even a single tint goes untouched, unremoved. Premium features like the child lock and restart options do work for this product.

The product remains safe from your child as well as the restart option also becomes really powerful.

It has a powerful 3 options, which comes in three levels where the toughest mark from the clothes gets away, as it does not work every time, it only works when the spot is dark. Apart from the stainless steel material of the product itself ensures the pro-level sustainability. Really good on service.

  • If there is any technical glitch in the device itself, it can be known by the smart thinkQ app, which is available on all smartphones.
  • LG itself is a very good option when we talk about the service of it.
  • Best automatic washing machine in India so far with so many modern amenities.
  • Even after a longer power cut, the way it gets restarted does not harm the product at all.
  • Does not go with hot water.

6. Bosch 7 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

One of the best fully automatic washing machines in India so far, as well as the best top loading washing machine in India.

The pro-level of washing clothes it ensures stand above all, with the best of modern features.

Features like german engineering technology, that anyhow ensures that there is no tint or mark left in the clothes as well as the level of washing, in a multi-purpose way. Very effectively works to the core of it.

Having been equipped with the power wave mechanism, the intelligent water flow horizontally ensures the better quality maintenance of the products that were given inside the box so far.

The most innovative feature of it was a magic filter that even goes by the treads of the products, and very efficiently works onto the water content as well as to the product itself.

A very uncommon multi-slide opening feature can also be seen here, which has also been used for quality maintenance.

A very furnished feature is the child lock feature, which ensures that both your child and the product stay safe.

The restart option of this item is so good, that even after a long power cut it comes back to the position, from where it started, does not produce any harm to the voltage fluctuations. Overall a good, very good on service.

  • It has come up with both hot and cold water intake.
  • Product durability is comparatively high.
  • The magic filter system has increased the overall value.
  • Dual dispensers, for liquid and powder, both work perfectly and according to the convenience of the user.
  • No cons found.

7. Panasonic 7 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine


This is another 5 stars rated product so far and has come up with various different sorts of technologies.

As well as the modern features have been incorporated as well. It has the option of fuzzy control technology.

That at first gets to observe the weightage of the product, and then actively starts working. The entire process gets completed differently for different products, for each of the product types, the process also remains differently.

That is the best of all. Aqua beat protection ensures that every corner of the cloth gets cleaned very properly.

It comes up with 3 protection challenges. Next comes in the scene the best tub dry and tub clean technology, which cleans the tub within no time after each wash as well quality check has always been their priority.

The quality of slides is so premium in nature that previously the fear of bad slamming sounded like the finger injury used to create fear within us, but from now on, all these options do not exist.

The sensory-motor of the product easily captures the quality of the product and starts actioning accordingly, very high on demand.

  • A very durable motor life, comparing the other market available products.
  • Stainless steel material of the product increases the product quality.
  • Best fully automatic washing machine in India.
  • Load capacity is also very good and can be very well said to be the best top loading washing machine in India too.
  • Product availability is a genuine issue.

Best Front Loading Washing Machine in India

8. LG 6.0 Kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine


This item also fits into the category of best washing machine in India only because of the mind-blowing features it carries forward.

Firstly the inverter protection, inverter protection mainly ensures a lesser amount of electricity consumption.

And the stability in voltage fluctuations does give value-added service to the uses as well as that becomes budget-friendly too.

When we talk about front loading washing machines, we should never forget the best of features it has. The capacity of weightage is too high in this product that from now on it has become the best front loading washing machine in India.

6 motion control dye technology moves the machine into various directions where not even a single corner of the clothes remains untouched, unwashed. Every tint, every mark gets cleaned in very proper order.

One of the best features it has is the heater, a lot of big brands can not really afford this feature. Where the water level temperature rises up to 60 degrees. And the strong pints marks finish away super soon.

There is a waterproof touch panel, that anyhow ensures that no matter of physical effort is needed, everything can be accomplished with just fingertips.

Child care protection is also available here, where the best quality of germ-free, bacteria-free options come along. Really good service high on demand.

  • The smartthinQ app ensures that whenever there is any problem in the device, that can get resolved by the online questioners.
  • LG customer care service is any day greater than other various products.
  • It heats water at 85 degrees Centigrade where the tub gets completely cleaned.
  • Does fit with very urban home decor.
  • A lot of iron content in water might be an issue.

9. IFB 7 Kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

This product again fills up the criteria of the category of, best washing machine in India.

This does not only remain as the best only from a single aspect, amidst the confusing state of a lot of other products, but this product also stands out to be the best front loading washing machine in India too.

It has come up with the water energy, where the proper maintenance of the water protection is being done properly coming to the aqua wash system, this does provide a lot of product quality check as well as greater sustainability.

Coming to the power cut option, whenever there is a power cut in the home. The machine stops working, but then again it immediately starts working as soon as the power comes back.

But due to this no matter of harm comes to the product itself, it runs safely. Not even any voltage issue so far has come over. The stabilizing of the voltage is so on point that it has been recognized as high – low voltage protection.

Coming to the cleaning mechanism, air bubble cleaning is being done by that, due to this particular process of cleaning, the level of washing gets premium, goes to every corner.

3D washing protection is another premium thing that appears to be done in this system too. High on demand, users find it useful for all age groups, because of the front-loading mechanism, it is free from complications and become very go-to for the aged people as well.

  • Baby wears get done with exceptionally well treatment, where the wears come with 100% germ-free, bacteria-free options, no compromise with baby care.
  • A child lock system ensures the safety of both your child and the product.
  • Weightage maintaining or balancing sensor is so powerful, that automatically gets to know what amount has been given then starts working efficiently.
  • No cons found.

10. Samsung 7 Kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

This product appears to be the best of all, especially when we talk about the best front loading washing machine in India.

This is so good in terms of weightage capacity, the weight it carries within the machine is really good.

But that does not really disqualify the attempt of cleaning, it cleanses to the core of the products, but the color and product quality remains intact in every way possible.

The bubble soak technology ensures the best quality of soaking in such a way that it saves time and as well as money.

It does not really seem to be high electricity consumption as it has been equipped with the best digital inverter technology.

This digital inverter technology becomes really helpful when we talk about the houses where voltage fluctuations have become a norm, and that directly affects the product.

Here such examples do not really occur, coming to another important point that is, the motor life of the product is so good that no matter what it runs for a good period.

It has again come up with the best 15 quick wash strategies were within no time depending on the 15 best washing techniques the clothes get washed, no amount of stain or dirt comes up.

The company has now come up with the best smart check options, where during any problem of the machine itself the user can very well approach the service center, via this. The product is high in demand and good on service.

  • Material is very good, all types of precautions have been taken.
  • Considering the budget, additional features this seems to be the best fully automatic washing machine in India.
  • Single wash cleaning technology has been adapted here by this product only.
  • Due to the diamond-shaped drum, everything runs smoothly inside the machine.
  • At times due to a lot of loads an additional wash is required.

11. Bosch 8 Kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

One of the best washing machine in India so far. This option is so good for the users that this happens to be one of those rare companies who at the same time provide both cold and hot water facilities to the users.

Coming to the water temperature that seems to be 60 degrees centigrade, which any day ensures germ-free, bacteria-free service that resides over anything.

The deep cleaning wash is also very phenomenal when we talk about the absolute dirt-free options. It has come up with the best anti-tangle program, that ensures 50% of tangle-free technology.

The laundry becomes so hygienic that no amount of complaints have ever come from the previous users.

The speed technology protection is another best protection, which very fastly completes up the procedure of washing clothes, does not matter what amount of clothes you are giving into.

Active water plus system has also come, where the entire process of cleaning gets completed within a bare minimum quality of water. In that case, the idea of saving water and helping the environment to grow is also a very significant point.

Anti-vibration moton and eco silence option ensure the amount of lack of vibration and as well as no matter of other accidental wear out, that’s being ensured by the eco silence protection option.

The option of reloading the garments is very strong here, at any moment the user can open the lid and give in any cloth according to the level of convenience. The Colour, service is very high. High on demand too.

  • Variodrum gives the best quality of washing mechanism, which specifically remains in this product.
  • Has been equipped with a large LED display.
  • Perfect Solution for daily usage purpose.
  • User does not have to think too much when is about cleaning woolen garments in a washing machine.
  • Need proper maintenance.

Best Washing Machine in India – FAQs

Which are the best fully automatic washing machine in India?

Currently, there are a lot of brands that are providing the best fully automatic washing machine in India.

Among them, brands like Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, Godrej, IFB all are good, in their places. Before buying any of the fully automatic products it is always advisable for the buyers to know every single occurrence of it.

Whether or not it completely runs faster, or needs any additional help after the process of cleaning inside the machine gets completed.

Another thing which is very important for washing machines is the dryness, what amount of dryness it is providing to the buyers, whether or not that needs external help.

All these points should always become concerning for the buyers, instead of blindly following the rates of the products they should go by these detailings, and that is how it is supposed to be done.

What brand of washing machine lasts the longest?

Firstly when we talk about the durability of the products, we should always remember that there can not be any level of universal input while making any of the electronic gadgets.

It is also true the way it gets manufactured is not the case the predominant undisputed cases should prevail all the time.

Initially, a lot of brands were there in this segment, where we could think of including their names, that what kind of products are there in the list. But from now on, both People’s demands and as well as the technicalities have changed.

People look for Multitasking, there goes the best amount of features. From the perspective of saving time and saving money a lot of brands whose names come in front are LG, Samsung, Godrej, Whirlpool.

They are so good from all perspectives that all the demands are happened to be catered to. Energy-saving technology has also been there, so the question of compromising does not really come up.

What are the best front loading washing machines in India?

For both front loading and top loading, the features that get synchronized are what amount of weightage they are taking, whether or not after giving in the weightage the products get washed very properly. What amount of detergent is being needed, how well the drum function is being done,

When the timer is being input what kinds of results you are getting, all these options become so pivotal in terms of front loading washing machines, in terms front loading washing machines IFB, Samsung seems to be really helpful and worthy, which does not compromise with any of the criteria. Also in the case of these two brands, the unwashed clothes can very well be restored inside the product. Because of the stainless steel material no amount of damage comes up as well as no stinking issues come up as of now.

What are the best top-load machines in India?

In India most of the machines are top-loading, in that case, one thing that becomes primary to understand is what material has been used in the front slide.

How well it works, as well as how well it appears to be last for a longer period. Brands like LG, Samsung, Godrej have accomplished in the way of making the best quality of possible materials.

When we talk about the top load machine, one thing that needs to understand is whether in the market the washing machine covers are available in a good way/

Because the detergent stain and other few things might hamper the quality in that way also what kinds of measures have been taken really become important to finalize what product you are going to buy.

Just to get away with the hands’ effort while giving in the products inside the machine, a lot of brands have come up with the best touch screen detailing so far.

Washing Machine Buying Guide


Fully Automatic vs Semi-Automatic

According to price range, human labor intervention, and working techniques washing machines are again divided into two categories which are, automatic and semi automatic. Let’s have a quick read to know which product functions better.

Semi Automatic Washing Machines

These types of washing machines are considered to be entry-level washing machines,. That happens to involve a lot of human labor in terms of timely transferring the clothes from one tub to another.

In these washing machines for drying and washing two different tubs are present. According to the beep sound, the user needs to become alert and then transfer the washed clothes to the dryer.

Whatever amount of detergent is needed, has to be given by the user only. Budget wise it is easier to buy, as the price range of these machines lies between 6000-12000 in India. Definitely budget-saving, but takes a lot of human effort.

Fully Automatic Washing Machines

Fully automatic washing machines are happened to be two types, front loading, and top-loading washing machines.

Loading Type

The washing machines loading type can be divided into two categories. Mainly it depends on how the customer loads the clothes in the machine.

The generic types that are very common are, top-loading washing machines and front-loading washing machines, customers can choose any of them, according to the convenience. Let’s have a quick read about the basic advantages of both types.

  • Top Loading Washing Machines

As the name comes up, in these types of machines the clothes are put inside from the top side. The machine does not have two separate tubs for washing and drying, and the single tub it has lies vertically.

Mainly these types of machines are being run automatically, that is why what amount of the water is being used, how to use the water, drainage pipe and its functions all are being systematical.

It happens to be a bit expensive compared to the front loading washing machines and it uses fewer washing programs than the others. The water inlet tap has been directly attached to the tub.

  • Front loading washing machines

As the name suggests, here in these types of machines clothes are put into the washing machine from the front side. And what happens is that the tub of it lies vertically.

According to both the buyers and sellers these machines happened to be the technically advanced ones. From timer, soaking, fabric identification, and around 30 wash programs are present in these types of machines, with the feature of advanced child lock.

Other Important Factors

Fuzzy logic

This happens to be one of those essential features, that are supposed to deal with a lot of stuff that decreases the level of effort for the customer.

This particular feature ensures what amount of detergent is needed, what amount of water is needed, what kind of clothes you have given, all these can be sensed by this feature within a minute.

Even the timer setting activation gets done through this option as well, the user does not have to face any hassle, all will be done automatically.

Temperature Control

This is also a very good feature that nowadays, comes with various products. Anyhow hot water cleans the clothes better than cold water. A lot of products come with the in-built heater facility, in that also how and when the temperature needs to be increased all the queries get materialized.

Spin Cycle

This particular feature comes to be known as the help for drying clothes.

Mainly the revolutions that work per minute, that is what comes to be known here, the type of clothes you put into the machine, that actually decides what level of spin the products need.

For frail clothes, 300-400 rpm revolutions are being needed, while for the thicker ones 1000 rpm revolutions are being needed.

Wash Settings

There are a lot of washing machines that come with wash settings like altering up the water level, or changing the washing mechanism due to the different fabrics that get used.

In the market all these washing machines change the mode of washing according to the needs of the customers, that is how it gets customized, yet it comes out to be cheaper.

The material of the drum/tub

There have been way too many material when it comes out to be the quality. There are plastic tubs, they work proficiently and become durable too. But stainless steel materials are happened to be the best, specially because of the cleaning, the cleaning mechanisms can really get well inside it. So according to the ratings this is highly recommendable.


Both small and large size of the washing machines are available, what size of a family you have and how frequently you need the gadget says it all.

Suppose you have a family of 8 members, and you want to use the machine to wash it on a regular basis then you need a big one, and for nuclear families small one is okay.


Buying washing machines are not that difficult for anyone, what you need to know is, what is trendy, at a minimum budget even you can get enough facilities, but you have to have the knowledge.

Your home decor, light, spacing everything matters. Do not do the installation by yourself. Be wise and then only you will get the best washing machine in India.

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