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Different types of home theaters available around you

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Don’t you feel amazing when your guests or family have a wonderful watch party in your house and constantly gush over the viewing experience in the home theater?

A good home theater will elevate your viewing experience to another level. Hence to clear out confusion about the different types of home theater, a short analysis is presented below for reference.

Home-theater-in-a-box (HTIB) system

The classic home-theater system is an all-in-one. It has five-sound speakers, one subwoofer, and a disc player for all your DVDs and CDs.

Generally, they are sold together as one unit and include all wirings as well. Some of them are also available in wireless forms which ease their installation and usage.

What is a Home Theater In a Box?

A home theater in a box is a complete set-up. It contains most, if not all, of the components that are needed for a theater-like entertainment experience. It would normally include:

  • An A/V receiver
  • Five or more surround sound speakers
  • A subwoofer.

Different manufacturers will include different components, and hence it’s imperative that you pick the one that you require and suits your requirement the most.

Why should you get it?

With this simple system, you can turn your room into a small personal theater. It also enhances your standard television viewing experience.

If you plan an indoor get-together of sorts, then this system can also be used to play music and add life to your party!


Panasonic, RCA, Phillips, Yamaha, LG, Samsung, and Sony are some of the brands that offer this power-packed system.

Soundbar or Media Bar


This is a long, thin bar that has several loudspeaker drivers in it. Many models would include a separate subwoofer as well.

What is a Soundbar?

The soundbar is an external sound system that comes with a subwoofer and is normally used to enhance the sounds while watching as it creates a surround and stereo effect.

There are many different kinds of soundbars available in the market today, ranging from expensive with lots of features to an affordable and yet classy one. All of them have got pretty much the same function.

So, one needs to first understand what suits them the most and then go choose from the wide range of soundbars that are there.

The major high of a soundbar is that it is portable and small in size. Hence positioning is pretty easy. It generates a good bass as well

Why should you get it?

While today’s TVs are incredibly thin and beautiful, that hardly leaves any room for a decent speaker and audio system.

A lot many times, dialogues can be very difficult to hear. In foreign language content, it becomes even more difficult if not impossible to understand.

Besides that, movies that are high on sound like action films can come across as tiny and unimpressive. So, a soundbar would help you through! It’s a great choice!


Sonos (pricier side), JBL, Sennheiser, Yamaha, and Sony are some of the suggested brands to look out for.

Component System

It usually comes with an audio/video receiver, some speakers, receivers, and some other components like a disc player.

What is a component System?

Unlike the all-in-box setup, this kind of home theater system usually has many components as mentioned above and all these components need to be assembled to set up the system.

Each part is individual and has its own configuration. This system also allows you the freedom to choose between different brands and product ranges of a specific brand to put together your own unique setup.

Usually, people have to pick these components on their own then configure and install them back at their homes.

Why should you get it?

People who want to make no comprises on their home theater can pick and choose their components as to what suits their preference and budget. This could come quite handy as everyone has their own style and comfort.

With a component system, transform your room into first-class theater viewing experiences just at your own pace. It is like a personalized version of a home theater.

N.B: You may come across the name Component Separates as well. It is nothing but a component system in itself where the receiver can be replaced with a separate preamplifier/processor and as well as power amplifiers.


There is no such brand suggestion for this particular category, as you can choose wisely from an array of the choices available, assemble and enjoy!


Hope this article helps you to find the kind of home theater you are searching for which will give you a feel of a high-end theater experience at home.

With the passage of time and with the help of advanced technology, the clarity of sound is reaching its epitome, therefore, giving a top-notch audio-visual experience.

Hence, go for any one of the above options to make your home a favorite of everyone.

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