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Fully Automatic vs Semi-Automatic Washing Machines – Which one should you buy?

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A pile of dirty clothes around you, and wondering how to deal with them? Laundry on a daily basis can be really messy.

But with washing machine washing clothes can be breezy with a click. When there are so many varieties of washing machines available in the market, you must be confused about which one to bring home?

All the varieties have their pros and cons. It comes with its viability. So you need to be specific about the purpose, the budget, and the time you can spend on any of them. Well, let’s make this a bit easy for you. Here is a guide for your perusal.

Fully Automatic Washing Machine

The fully automatic washing machine contains only one tub. You can wash your clothes and dry them up to 80% in one touch. Once the required functions are set, the machine will work automatically and the whole cycle will be completed within minutes.

It makes the work fuss-free as no manual intervention is required. Now, a fully automatic washing machine comes in two varieties. One is Top Load and the other one is Front Load.

Top Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine

The opening of the tub is at the top as it is vertically fitted. Hence, you will have to put your clothes from the top and close the lid and then give it a twist. The capacity varies between 6kg and 9kg with a price range of Rs. 12,000 – 26,000


  • More economic than the Front Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine
    • Easier to use, as there are limited functions and those are familiar with the household.
    • You can always pause your wash cycle, load the leftovers and resume the operation.
    • Light-weighted in comparison to its sibling
    • There is no such particular choice of detergent. You can use any of your preferences.
    • It restricts mold growth on tubs as the lid is not airtight. Allows the tub to dry better before its next turn


  • Since certain models have an agitator; it can be tough on delicate fabric
    • Again, the models without an agitator will make you rinse your clothes several times, leading to more time consumption.
    • Consumption of water is pretty high.
    • The cycle length is longer and thus is comes more energy.
    • Since the washed clothes need to be unloaded from the top, it can be difficult with shorter people to get the last few remaining at the bottom


 Some of the best brands that you can look out for this category are: LG, Bosch, Samsung, Whirlpool

Front Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine

In the case of this one, the opening of the tub is on the front side of the machine as the fitting is horizontal. Front-loaders are modern and have high-end technology for its usage. Because of certain unique characteristics, it possesses the price varies between Rs. 20,000 and Rs, 1,20,000 with a capacity range of 6kgs – 10kgs.


  • As there is no agitator, the front loaders are gentler on all types of clothes.
    • It cleans way better than the top loaders as it gives your pile a tumble wash
    • The spinning time is faster which makes your clothes dry up more in less time. The moisture gets squeezed out more efficiently
    • Both loading and unloading are more convenient and you can keep a watch on the process from a distance.
    • It consumes less water for the process.
    • Less energy is consumed to heat the water
    • The cycle settings are more. It lets you chose as per your requirement.
    • Some models have heating elements built-in them for an extra hot wash.
    • It’s spacious and allows you to wash heavy loads in one go


  • As the lids are airtight, it encourages mold growth. This, in turn, develops an unpleasant odor inside the system as it is not dried out completely enough
    • Usage requires a lot of bending. Hence, your posterior end can cry for relief at times.
    • The initial setup cost is pricey, though it is lighter on your electricity bills.
    • The major drawback is that the kind of detergent to be used has to be specially formulated for the type of model you use.


Some of the best brands that you can look out for in this category are: LG, Bosch, Samsung, IFB

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Semi-Automatic Washing Machines

In a Semi-Automatic Washing Machine, there are two tubs, one for washing and the other for drying. You have to load the clothes and you can load them from the top only.

Then you must first fill the water, and then the process of cleaning starts after you add the detergent.

Then you have to move the washed clothes to the second tub manually for drying. In the end, you need to drain out the water needs for cleaning.

The capacity of a Semi-Automatic Washing Machine can vary between 6kgs and 9kgs with a price range of Rs. 7,000 – Rs. 15,000 There are no other options in this category.


  • Cheaper and budget-friendly for most of the people
    • It does not require any direct water connection and constant water flow and hence you can keep a check on your water usage as per the load
    • You can pause the operation mid-cycle, for loading, unloading, or manual rinsing whichever you can to opt for. Once a day, resume the knob.
    • You can wash or fry the clothes as per your needs and choice as there is no automated in-built program for a particular category of wash
    • Since there are two tubs, you can wash a segment of dirty clothes in one and dry another pile of washed clothes in the other tub simultaneously
    • Its weight is very light and hence you can port it to any place of your house with the help of a movable stand


  • If you want to wash your clothes in hot water, you will have to put them separately as it doesn’t have any inbuilt heater system
    • It is bigger and can consume more space
    • It requires frequent maintenance
    • The vibration of the machine can irritate you and can be too noisy at times.
    • It requires manual intervention.
    • It consumes a lot of time and energy


Some of the best brands that you can look out for this category are: Whirlpool, LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Godrej

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Think about the purpose you are buying for. If you only want to wash clothes and want to rinse them manually and can give time to laundry then Semi-Automatic Washing Machine is your go-to option.

And it will not even burn a hole in your pocket. Again, if you want to avoid unnecessary noise, and do not have much time to spend on cleaning your clothes, then opt for Top Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine.

And then again, if budget is not an issue, and you want something high-end and want to save water and energy on your part, then the best option for you would be Front Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine.

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