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Home Theater vs Soundbars – Before buying you must read!

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With the radical evolution of television and its technology, we have witnessed the invention of many external systems as well to bring out the best audiovisual delight.

Now, the visual technology is running faster to give us the best viewing experience, but to make this happen, the television screens are getting slenderer.

Which on the other hand is making it quite hard for the television sets to provide compatible sound quality to go with the majestic display.

To solve this problem, we have been introduced to technologies that have made our entire audiovisual experience more appealing.

But the dilemma and confusion aren’t completely over yet, since we still can’t help compare soundbars and home theater speakers.

And find out which one is better. Therefore, here are some differences between home theatre speakers and soundbars to clear the air a little bit and help you determine which of these two suits your requirements and convenience.



Soundbars are typically single bars containing within it 2-7 speakers but these days there are other audio options as well such as “3D mode” along with “surround sound”.

The setup of the soundbar is smooth and simple –place it horizontally underneath your TV, put it on a shelf, or mount it on the wall with the TV.

In the case of low-frequency sounds and bass, soundbars are pretty decent and capable of bringing auditory satisfaction to your ears with the help of an external subwoofer.

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Home Theater

A home theater system, on the other hand, is a complete set of equipment, including a receiver, multiple surround sound speakers, and a subwoofer.

The speakers are customizable and can be set up in certain locations around your room. You can change their positions to find out which spots suit the speakers best to bring out the optimum sound.

You will get the option of choosing your preferrable surround sound effect in these speakers.

The speakers vary in size but the power of the sound doesn’t depend on it. So, you can buy speakers of your convenient size.

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Soundbars vs. Home Theater Speakers (Comparison)


Now comparing the benefits and drawbacks of both soundbar and home theatre system, the fundamental differences of these two sound systems are listed below.

Both of these systems offer speakers with enough room for the sound to bounce around, unlike the built-in speakers in TV which offer limited sound.

Advantages of Soundbar

To get better-quality audio in your regular TV shows you should opt for a soundbar, especially if you prefer the sound coming straight to you from the front.

In case of space requirements and setups, soundbars are a little ahead of the home theatre system.

Since a soundbar is compact and self-contained, there’s no need for you to go through the hassle of setting up different speakers at different spots in your room.

Once the soundbar is placed in its chosen spot and is connected to a source of power, you can connect it with your TV via Bluetooth or any other wireless connection.

This setup is ideal for smaller apartments or rooms with lesser space.

Some soundbars try to simulate surround sound effect by sending the audio to your room’s sidewalls and thus replicating a stereo image. But this can only work if your room has a perfect size.

Disadvantages of Soundbar

Soundbars do provide you with exceptional quality of sound when it comes to movies, but it still can’t beat the depth of sound produced by home theatre speakers.

Many entry-level soundbars have the capacity to draw 100W power which is more than enough powerful for the average spectator.

On the other hand, entry-level home theatre systems at almost the same price range are capable of drawing higher power between 300-500W. 

The captivating slim look of the soundbar comes at a cost of having extremely tiny speaker cones –the circular section of the speaker which judders the air.

This physical downside of the cones is a hindrance in producing certain frequencies with accuracy. Also, when the volume is increased, even if to an average level, there seem to be certain distortions in the bass and mids.

The comparatively minimal looking soundbar lacks the ability to dispatch a realistic full-range and head-spinning auditory delight. Since the soundbar is placed below your TV and the speakers direct the sound in a singular direction, a realistic 3D sound stage cannot be created.

The speakers are all gathered in one place, thus creating only a single spot where you get the best quality and dynamics of the sound.

Advantages of Home Theater

Home theatre speakers have bigger speaker cones that enhance the performance with mid-range sounds.

The high-performance home theatre speakers (front, center, and left) are more proficient at precise imaging and spacious front stage than any soundbar.

Home theatre speakers give you the option to optimize the speakers based on multiple spots and angles relative to your listening positions.

With the home theatre system, you get the complete movie theatre-effect at home, surrounded entirely by sound.

The speakers are tactically placed around your room, separating every source of sound from each other, bringing clarity and making room for every kind of sound to reach your ears perfectly.

This also reduces the chances of distortion of the sound when the volume is increased.

Disadvantages of Home Theater

Despite beating the sound quality of soundbar speakers, home theatre system requires a lot of space; moreover, with all the wires, it is more intricate to setup.

The cable layout management should be done carefully and efficiently as to not tangle the wires and prevent shot-circuits.


Sound bars are usually compact packaging, where you can get clear sound and high-quality volume, while the sound produced by a home theater system is more immersive, along with options for optimization of the speakers.

But despite their differences, both would be a massive upgrade from your TV’s built-in speakers. So, which of these technologies are you going to choose for your television? Do let us know in the comments.

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