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What is Inverter Technology in a Refrigerator?

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Technology is constantly evolving and getting better. Keeping up with every new gizmo is almost impossible.

Nowadays we even have refrigerators with inverter technology! And if you are wondering if the real thing is as cool as it sounds, this is the article for you.

Why buy a refrigerator with inverter technology? Well, the short answer is that it works wonderfully and reduces power consumption.

The Inverter Compressor technology lets you save a whopping 30%-50% power. For that reason only they are worth the money. However, for the long answer read on!

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What is an Inverter Compressor?

Normal refrigerators have a network of pipes or coils behind them. A coolant, generally

HFC-13a flows through them and keeps the fridge cool by absorption and evaporation. And as we know cold temperature keeps our fruits and veggies fresh!

The compressor’s job is to increase the pressure after evaporation so that the gas turns into a hot

liquid. After that this liquid flows through the condenser unit until it cools down. Then the compressor turns it back into a gas.

And the cycle begins anew when the thermocouple within the fridge triggers it.

Classic Compressor

The compressor is heat sensitive. It automatically turns on and off when the refrigerator reaches a certain limit. They have a one-speed type and use a lot of power.

You can tell when the compressor is on by the sound it produces. Repeatedly turning on and off also damages the compressor over time.

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Inverter Compressor

Inverter Compressor technology was invented by Toshiba in Japan. An Inverter Compressor regulates power consumption based on need much like a car accelerator.

When it does not need too much energy, it reduces energy consumption. The Inverter Compressor is always on as it regulates power and speed depending on the temperature inside and outside the fridge and the thermostat settings.

Inverter compressors have various speed types. Both types of compressors periodically turn on and off. But for inverter compressors, the cycle lasts longer at low speed.

How does an Inverter Compressor function?

First, its circuit converts AC to DC. After that DC is once again turned into AC but this time its frequency can be changed.

The inverter Compressor speed is regulated by the changing incoming voltage input frequency.

The compressor can function at the highest power only when the cooling load is high as well. This saves 30 to 50% more energy.

How can it help in saving electricity?

An Inverter Compressor adjusts itself to your daily routine! For instance, when you are putting in or taking out groceries, you are bound to keep the fridge door open for longer.

In this case, the compressor senses the delay and to counteract the loss of cool air works at high speed.

Additionally at night or when there is no activity, the compressor runs slowly.
The speed also varies according to seasons. During summer the cooling load is increased so the compressor functions at peak capacity and uses more electricity.

However, during winter the compressor has to work less and burns less electricity. To jumpstart a motor -as it periodically happens in standard compressors -you need 3 to 4 times more electricity.

This extra energy is not wasted since inverter compressors never turn off. All of these factors combined save almost 30-50% more energy.

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The benefits of using an Inverter Refrigerator

If you are not convinced by now. Here are some more benefits that will surely sway your opinions!

Great temperature control

Excellent temperature controls are a natural byproduct of these refrigerators. The smart mechanisms change the compressor speed according to the outside temperature, food load, how long the door has been open etc.

Longer Life Span

An inverter compressor works 24/7. Since the compressor does not start or stop abruptly, it lasts longer. Furthermore, the transition between speeds is smoother and doesn’t cause sudden peaks in energy consumption. Inverter compressors generally last longer.

Higher Power Factor

Inverter compressors have a higher power factor than standard compressors. It has a power factor of 1 unit. Standard motors have a lower power factor. Higher power factor gets rebates in industrial and commercial connections.

Low Noise and Vibrations

Since the typical compressors always run at full speed they tend to make loud noises. We are familiar with that sound.

However, Inverter compressors operate at low speed for a longer cycle. Moreover, it transitions between high and low speed smoothly and noiselessly.

Disadvantage of an Inverter Compressor

Nothing comes without their drawbacks, not even Inverter compressors. These disadvantages may be minimal but you should keep them in mind.

  • Slow cooling process: The cooling process is pretty slow as they start at a low speed which increases gradually.
  • Some brands use R600 Free as coolant. This butane gas has a few safety concerns. So, make sure you get a fridge that does not use R600 Free on.

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Standard Compressor Vs Inverter Compressor

Here, we will include a table to summarise everything we’ve talked about so far. Also, this will make it clearer about how efficient Inverter Compressors are.

Here, we will include a table to summarise everything we’ve talked about so far. Also, this will make it clearer about how efficient Inverter Compressors are.

  Classic Compressor  Inverter Compressor
Wastes a lot of energySmart cooling mechanisms save energy.
Over cooling is possible which in turn harms your food.Varying temperature ensures optimal cooling.
Only runs at full speedAdjusts speed based on the various factors
Turns on and off suddenly. Going from full power to zero damages the compressor over timeGradually reduces the speed before shutting down
Makes a lot of noise when it worksTransitions smoothly to different states, producing low noise.


Which is better, a Digital Inverter Compressor or a Standard Compressor?

After the above discussion, it’s pretty clear our money is on the inverter compressor! Standard Compressor slowly making way for the inverter compressors because they are infinitely better.

What is a Smart Inverter Compressor?

Smart Inverter Compressors are even better as they can adjust temperature and regulate cooling based on the load in your fridge! This conserves even more energy and money.

Smart Inverter Compressors vs. Digital Inverter Compressors – is there a difference?

A digital inverter can control cooling after it achieves a certain temperature which saves some energy. But a smart compressor is more efficient as it adjusts cooling based on load.

Inverter refrigerator vs. a 5-star refrigerator -which saves more power?

The stars are a marker of how much energy the electronic product saves. Inverter refrigerators generally have a 5-star rating.

Why do Inverter Compressors have so many sensors?

More sensors equal intelligent cooling. However, if your refrigerator of choice has fewer sensors do not worry. Prioritise other factors like energy saving for a job done well.


A great refrigerator should save energy and cool efficiently. Buying an energy-saving refrigerator with an inverter compressor not only helps your pocket but the planet as well.

Yes, they cost more than a fridge with a standard compressor but you will easily make up the money from how much you save on your electricity bill. At this point, you should blindly go for an inverter processor.

Let us know in the comments how you feel about these marvels of modern technology and happy fridge hunting!

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