Top 13 Best Wireless Earphones Under 2000 in India 2022

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Are you wondering which might be the best wireless earphones under 2000 and how you ought to pick the perfect pair for you?

Then you are in the right place. Whether you are a music lover or someone who just uses phones for the primary purpose of making calls, earphones are a necessity.

Earphone enhances the audio transmission quality and enables you to have more privacy while being on a call or listening to music and podcast.

If you have spent the last decade untangling your wired earphones, you already know how important the invention of a wireless earphone is.

Wireless earphones provide a more true to the word hands-free experience which gives you more freedom to go about your business without bothering about the restraints of wires.

Which are the best wireless earphones under 2000?

  • Sony WI-C200 Wireless In-Ear Earphone comes with magnetic earbuds to avoid the entangling of wires & is easy to carry. It is suitable for daily use & has a battery life of 15 hours & also has a built-in mic.

Which are the best True wireless earbuds in India?

OPPO Enco W11 True Wireless Earbuds comes encased within a chargeable case. The bass feature and noise reduction feature during a call is its best feature.

boAt Airdopes 171 Truly Wireless Earbud with Mic is water & sweat resistant and is compatible with both iOS and Android. It provides a playback time of 3 hours & a battery life of 10 hours.

CRUA True in-Ear Wireless Earbud has adaptive touch controls and is compatible with iOS as well as android. It has a battery life of 15 hours & a playback time of 4 hours.

Redmi Earbuds S has a sleek & stylish design & weighs only 4.1 grams. Its battery life is of 12 hours within the case & has a playback time of 12 hours.

pTron Bassbuds Pro in-Ear True Wireless Earbud has 4 hours of talk time & 3 hours of playback time while lasts for 12 hours in the case.

ZIVOBUDS S1 in-Ear True Wireless Earbud is a very light weighted earbud, weighing just 4 grams each. The playback capacity is up to 15 hours while it may last for 5 hours when playing continuously.

Top 13 Best Wireless Earphones Under 2000 in India (Quick List)

  • OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z in-Ear Bluetooth Earphones with Mic
  • Sony WI-C200 Wireless In-Ear Earphone
  • Noise Tune Charge Bluetooth Wireless Neckband Earphone
  • Mivi Collar 2B Wireless Earphone
  • boAt Rockerz 255 Pro in-Ear Bluetooth Neckband Earphone with Mic
  • OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z (Bass Edition)
  • Realme in-Ear Bluetooth Earphone with Mic
  • OPPO Enco W11 True Wireless Earbuds
  • boAt Airdopes 171 Truly Wireless Earbud with Mic
  • CRUA True in-Ear Wireless Earbud
  • Redmi Earbuds S
  • pTron Bassbuds Pro in-Ear True Wireless Earbud
  • ZIVOBUDS S1 in-Ear True Wireless Earbud

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Best Wireless Earphones Under 2000

Picking an affordable wireless earphone from several different models of wireless earphones available in the market to choose from seems like a difficult job.

Looking forward to buying your first wireless earphones or upgrade from an older model?

Then this article has got you covered. So go through the article to find out the best wireless earphone brands in India and the ultimate buying guide that will help you choose the best wireless earphones under 2000 for you.

1. OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z in-Ear Bluetooth Earphones with Mic (best selling wireless earphones under 2000)

Key Features:

  • Quick Switch button allows you to pair and switch between 2 different gadgets.
  • Low Latency mode that acts with Fnatic mode active on OnePlus smartphones.
  • Supports Bluetooth 5.
  • 8-10 meters connectivity range.
  • 9.2mm drivers provide bass-driven sound tuned for mids.
  • Magnetic power switch -earphones turn off when two earbuds are connected.
  • Type-C charger.

One of the best earphones with a mic under 2000,  OnePlus 2020 launch costs almost a third of its predecessor but still provides crisp and bass-driven sound.

You can even activate Dolby Atmos setting for the earphones with OnePlus smartphones which increases the depth and quality of sound.

With its Quick Switch, exceptional battery life, fast charging it has emerged as a serious

contender to similarly priced earphones. OnePlus Bullets Z may not break new grounds but it’s worth every penny.

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z in-Ear Bluetooth Earphones with Mic is not a new launch. Its quality has been tried and tested by tech experts. And they have lauded the product for being one of the best wireless earphones under 2000.

  • 20 minutes charging time and 20 hours battery life.
  • IP55 rating in water and dust resistance.
  • Good performance for the price range.
  • Stylish design.
  • AptX Bluetooth codec is not supported.

2. Sony WI-C200 Wireless In-Ear Earphone

Key Features:

  • 3 buttons on an in-line remote for volume control, calling and your phone’s voice assistant.
  • Comes with 9mm driver units.
  • Magnetic earbuds are connected via a tangle-free flat wire.
  • Supports Bluetooth 5.
  • Has a 15-16m connectivity range.
  • The charger is USB Type-C.

These compact headphones are perfect for a person always on-the-go. They weigh only 15 gm! They are comfortable and ideal for daily use.

WI-C200 offers long battery life. 2 hours of charging lasts for 15 hours. It also has a quick charge feature. In low battery condition, a quick 10-minute charge can last 60 minutes.

The sound is clean and well-balanced. They have extended and deep bass, a decent mid-range the response, and excellent treble.

All in all, C200 is one of the best earphones with mic under 2000 that you can consider buying. That 1-year warranty is a bonus!

Sony WI-C200 Wireless IN-Ear Earphones are nice well-rounded earphones from a trusted band.

If you are on the lookout for the best wireless earphones under 2000, then this is a highly recommended choice.

  • Long battery life.
  • Great sound quality.
  • Tangle-free.
  • Flexible and lightweight.
  • Blocks out conversation noises, AC noises, etc.
  • Overall unsatisfactory build quality.

3. Noise Tune Charge Bluetooth Wireless Neckband Earphone


Key Features:

  • The Bluetooth range extends up to 10-meter.
  • Dual Pairing to help you multitask by connecting two devices at a time.
  • 10mm dynamic driver units.
  • IPX5 rated waterproofing.
  • Qualcomm 3003 Chipset gives immersive sound experience with top-notch clarity.
  • Magnetic Earbuds.
  • Phone’s voice assistant is supported.
  • Has Silicone Wingtips.

In this price, range Noise has included unparalleled connectivity features. There is almost no latency which is great for gaming.

The Bluetooth range is 10m. The dual simultaneous pairing function lets you switch between two devices effortlessly.

Now you can switch between your laptop and phone without a hassle.

It is built with good quality materials. The neck is flexible and durable. Magnetic earbuds help the earphone stay in place when not in use. Silicone wingtips ensure a comfortable yet secure fit.

Noise is known for affordable but high-quality accessories. Their Noise Tune Charge Bluetooth Wireless Neckband Earphone possesses both these qualities.

Overall we must say it is one of if not the best earphones with mic under 2000.

  • The battery lasts for 16 hours.
  • One of the best earphones with mic under 2000 which offers great bass quality.
  • Sweat and rainproof.
  • Supports AAC Audio Codec which once enabled improves audio quality.
  • Decent microphone.
  • No fast charging.
  • Mic can’t pick up audio well in loud environments.

4. Mivi Collar 2B Wireless Earphone

Key Features:

  • Supercharging.
  • Bluetooth 4.1 supported.
  • Qualcomm’s high-quality aptX codec supported.
  • MEMS Microphone.
  • Immersive Signature Sound.
  • Dust and sweat proof.
  • Dual pairing.
  • 16 Ohms impedance rate means less power consumption.

India-based company Mivi brings out another great headphone with Mivi Collar 2B. Do check out this headphone if you are looking for the best wireless earphones under 2000

This headphone has 2 buttons for volume control and a multifunction key. But it can do a lot more with key combinations.

For example, long-pressing the multifunction button rejects the call while pressing two volume keys for 3 seconds mutes the call.

You can even summon the voice assistant of your smartphone by long-pressing one volume key for 5 seconds.

The Collar allows double pairing. The earphone automatically switches to the smartphone when a call is incoming.

It’s great for powerful bass and highs, however, the mids feel suppressed. As long as you are at 50-70% volume the bass won’t overpower the highs and mids.

But you won’t need to surpass that anyway as the Collar is fairly loud. While calling the sound is clear and the microphone is of great quality.

  • Perfect for bass-heavy music.
  • Great Battery life.
  • Good build quality.
  • Great calling experience.
  • Repressed mids and at high volume overpowering bass.

5. boAt Rockerz 255 Pro in-Ear Bluetooth Neckband Earphone with Mic


Key features:

  • IPX5 dust and waterproof rating.
  • Bluetooth v5.
  • 10m range.
  • Supports A2D Protocol.
  • 10mm driver and Qualcomm CSR 8635 chipset for HD sound.
  • CVC Noise Cancellation.
  • Dual connectivity.
  • Micro USB charging cable.

The boAt Rockerz 255 is designed for athletes. It’s also fit for everyday use. The sturdy neckband cable is flat, flexible and portable.

Curved magnetic earbuds are comfortable for prolonged use. Removable hooks keep earbuds in place during workouts.

It has 3 buttons. The central button is a multifunction key which can turn the headphone on or off, take calls, control music, activate voice assistant etc. The rest of the buttons are for volume control and skipping tracks.

The 110 mAh battery takes one hour to charge and provides 6 hours of continuous use. It has fast charging facility. 10-15 minutes of charging earns you about 45 minutes.

The Audio of this one of the best wireless earphones under 2000 is loud and clear. CVC noise cancellation ensures clear audio quality during calls. It has HD Audio and deep boosted bass.

  • Has great audio quality.
  • Noise cancellation feature enabled.
  • Sport headphones are great for workouts.
  • Key combinations.
  • In-built Voice Prompts and LED Indicators that notifies the user about earphone status.
  • Charging port cover might break from rough use.
  • The battery is not very long-lasting.

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6. OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z (Bass Edition)


Key Features:

  • Warp charge.
  • 100 ms Low latency.
  • Bluetooth 5.0.
  • Quick Pair.
  • Quick Switch.
  • Magnetic Power Switch.
  • IP55 rating in water resistance.
  • 9.2 mm driver units.
  • Type-C Charger.

Among the best wireless headphones under 2000, it has a similar build as an OnePlus Bullets Z except the band is a bit smaller.

It has a neckband with a power button and in-line music and volume control. The multifunction button controls music, calls, and activates the phone’s inbuilt voice assistant.

The magnetic power switch turns it on when two earbuds are separated and off when two earbuds are joined.

Quick Pair makes pairing multiple devices easy. And Quick Switch doesn’t have a dedicated button but from Bluetooth settings of paired devices, you can switch between 3 devices.

The Bass Edition has Warp Charge meaning 10 minutes of charge lasts 10 hours. Once fully charged the earphone has a playback of 17 hours. The 9.2 mm drivers offer clear and richer vocals and deeper bass effect.

Environmental noise cancellation algorithm provides audio clarity and great voice pick-up while calling.

  • Bass boosted earphone.
  • Great battery life.
  • 50% noise cancellation.
  • Excellent Call Quality.
  • Remarkable audio quality.
  • Shorter battery life than OnePlus Bullets Z.

7. Realme in-Ear Bluetooth Earphone with Mic

Key features:

  • Battery capacity is 110mAh charging completely in 1.5 hours allowing a playback time of about 12 hours.
  • The sound driver of 11.2 mm producing great bass.
  • Magnets are built-in with automatic on and off feature giving hassle-free audio connection. The neckband comes with a tangle-free memory metal string.
  • Remote has three buttons to control music, take phone calls, and summon Google Assistant.

The realme Buds in-Ear Bluetooth with mic provides a deep and powerful bass as its bass booster driver is 11.2mm and uses the Japan Daikoku technology.

The remote only has three buttons for quick and easy accessibility, and the earbuds are sweatproof as well.

Its Magnetic Fast Pair Technology allows for swift pairing and disconnecting when not in use by just separating them and snapping them together.

High-quality silica gel and memory nickel-titanium alloy is used for absolute comfort.

The materials used to make these best true wireless earbuds under 2000 are friendly for the skin and do not irritate. No wonder it has made its name among the best wireless earphones under 2000 in India.

  • Quick charging and long battery life.
  • Does not lag when connecting, quick and easy connection.
  • Does not make beeping sounds while it’s pairing.
  • It looks stylish and is comfortable to use.
  • In a league of its own in this price range.
  • Dual connectivity is unavailable.
  • Control buttons do not have a gap between them.

Best True Wireless Earbuds under 2000

8. OPPO Enco W11 True Wireless Earbuds


Key features:

  • The battery capacity is 400 mAh for the charging case and 40 mAh for the headphones. Type C charging and provides 20 hours of playback.
  • It is compatible with all android devices.
  • Binaural simultaneous Bluetooth transmission provided by Bluetooth 5.0 with a stable connection.
  • There is noise reduction during calls.
  • In-ear design and it is small, about 4.4g in size.

The OPPO Enco W11 True Wireless Earphone has a sleek design with in-ear earbuds and provides 20 hours of music playback with its highly capable battery and long battery life.

It provides 5 hours of playback on a single charge and 20 hours of playback together with the charging case.

The enhanced base of this one of the best true wireless earbuds under 2000 provides clear audio for seamless listening.

The Bluetooth 5.0 allows for an easy and lag-free connection for a better listening experience. The earphones are also dust-free and water-resistant which is surely a bonus factor.

There is noise cancellation during calls which again, provides for a seamless experience. Another bonus is that once the headphones are paired, they stay paired until manually unpaired.

  • Dust-free and water-resistant.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 for easy and smooth connection.
  • Good for non-Oppo phones also.
  • Good build and touch gestures for wireless headphones under 2000.
  • Comfortable fit.
  • Not ideal for gaming as it may cause latency.
  • Codec is not supported for Android.

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9. boAt Airdopes 171 Truly Wireless Earbud with Mic

Key features:

  • The earbuds offer a playback time of 3 hours and combined with the charging case a playback time of 10 hours; full charge in 2 hours.
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android, Bluetooth 5.0 has a range of 10 meters.
  • Smooth and instant voice assistant.
  • Sleek design with smooth controls.
  • Comes with a year-long warranty.

The boAt Airdopes 171 Bluetooth Truly Wireless Earbuds with Mic are one of the best options for wireless earphones under 2000 as they not only look sleek and stylish but provide a great listening experience in such a price range.

They come in three different colors: rose gold, mysterious blue, and active black. The Bluetooth 5.0 allows for seamless connectivity and hassle-free pairing.

They are extremely light in weight — only 4.2g and one may keep them plugged in for long periods without discomfort.

The audio clarity and sleek look of these best true wireless earbuds under 2000 make them one of the best in its league.

  • Sweat and water-resistant— perfect for using while working out.
  • Very light in weight and stylish.
  • Comfortable in-ear headphones for long-term use.
  • Each earpiece can be used separately as one stays inside the case.
  • Affordable and reliable.
  • Playback time is not as much as others in its league.
  • Does not include noise-canceling.

10. CRUA True in-Ear Wireless Earbud

Key features:

  • The battery allows for a playback time of 4 hours for just the earphones and a playback time for 15 hours with the charging case. The earphones attain a full charge in 1.5 hours.
  • The battery capacity is 300 mAh.
  • The Bluetooth 5.0 allows for a range of 10 meters.
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android.
  • The touch adaptive controls allow for controlling music, taking or rejecting calls, and also activating your voice assistant.

The CRUA Bluetooth Earbuds with Charging Case, True in-Ear Wireless Earphones provides a long playback time for music while it only takes 1.5 hours to charge entirely.

Only one touch is required to manage the earphones and controlling music, calls, etc. is very easy.

These best earbuds under 2000 provide a listening experience akin to a concert. The beryllium dynamic driver unit inside gives crystal clear audio output to last all day. Listening to music may feel like listening to live music.

It comes with a compact magnetic power bank that is portable and can charge a battery of 1200 mAH.

The advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology ensures that your earbuds will stay connected to any Bluetooth-supporting appliance until 33 feet of distance.

All these features make it a top name among the best wireless earphones under 2000 in India.

  • High-quality luxury sound without distortion, treble, human voice, or heavy bass.
  • Noise deduction, multiple decoding to restore the original sound.
  • The monopod feature of these best true wireless earbuds under 2000 allows for each earphone to be used on its own while the other stays inside the case.
  • One button only for all features.
  • Concert level listening experience.
  • One button feature may get confusing.

11. Redmi Earbuds S


Key features:

  • The battery power rating of 300 mAh, the playback time of 4 hours with just the earphones, and 12 hours combined with the charging case.
  • Compatible with all devices across operating systems.
  • The 7.2 mm dynamic drivers cater especially to Indian consumers giving a better bass experience and clear sound.
  • The multi-function button allows summoning one’s respective voice assistant.
  • Comes with DSP environmental noise cancellation that suppresses ambient sounds during voice calls.

The Redmi Earbuds S (with Gaming Mode) is the ideal choice for a pair of best wireless earphones under 2000 especially if the prime use is for PC or mobile gaming.

It leaves no room for latency and the audio is always in sync while gaming. You can run a playback for as longs as12 hours if charge it intermittently, and for 4 hours at a stretch if you charge it only once.

The DSP environmental noise suppression is also an attractive feature as it cancels out any ambient noise while attending voice calls.

They are also quite lightweight weighing only 4.1g so it is quite comfortable to wear for long durations. The top-class sound driver will give a much better bass sound with a punchier vibe.

The voice assistance feature allows it to connect to both Android and Apple gadgets. You will also be able to enable and disable the gaming mode with the multi-functional switch, without disruption during playing.

  • Very affordable and provides a great gaming experience without any latency.
  • Sweat and splash-proof thus ideal to use while working out.
  • The monopod feature allows one to use one earphone on its own while the other stays inside the charging case.
  • Noise cancellation.
  • Sleek and stylish design.
  • May cause connectivity issues.
  • Quality for calls is not best, may sound muffled.
  • Takes time to connect with the device.

12. pTron Bassbuds Pro in-Ear True Wireless Earbud


Key features:

  • Provides with 3 hours of playback and 12 hours of playback combined with the charging case, and 4 hours of Talktime; 1.5 hours for a full charge.
  • LCD display case showing how much battery is left.
  • Fast charging with C-type charger, and on the go charging with the compact case allowing for 2-3 recharges with its 300 mAh battery.
  • Tapping thrice on the earbuds summons respective voice assistant.
  • Bluetooth 5.0, distance range of 10 metres.

The pTron Bassbuds Pro in-Ear True Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones provide the user with a great listening experience with its high-quality sound and touch system to control their music.

The fast charging feature, as well as recharging using the charging case on the go, adds to a hassle-free experience.

By charging it once, you will be able to talk for 3 hours straight. Want to enjoy your favorite music all day with these pTron earbuds? Charge them twice or thrice per day and you are good to go!

The monopod feature allows for using a single earphone while the other stays inside the case, one can even receive calls this way.

They are lightweight too, weighing only 4gm and this assures comfortable to use. You won’t have a problem fitting these earbuds into your ear, due to their ergonomic layout.

Apart from that, the latest Bluetooth technology of 5.0 with an open wireless connection range of 10 metres makes this among the highly sought after best true wireless earbuds under 2000.

  • An LCD display case shows the remaining battery which allows one to know when to recharge.
  • 100 hours of standby time and only takes 1.5 hours to charge fully.
  • The multi-function buttons on the earbuds allow for easy control.
  • Passive noise cancellation.
  • Sound with deep bass.
  • Cheap plastic used.

13. ZIVOBUDS S1 in-Ear True Wireless Earbud


Key Features:

  • Ergonomically designed, ultra-lightweight earbuds (4 grams each) that fit your ears flawlessly.
  • Wireless earbuds with smart touch control and high bass.
  • 5.0 Bluetooth; 6mm Dynamic Driver.
  • Battery case: 300 mAh; Battery in earbuds: 50 mAh (lasts up to 4 hours).
  • Included items: Type-C charging cable, charging case, ear tips, and manual.

Zivobuds S1 is one of the best wireless earphones under 2000 to fit your budget and preference as well.

The earphones are fashioned ergonomically so that they fit in your ears perfectly. The soft earbuds made of silicon comfort your ears. 

Its 6mm dynamic driver is responsible for its excellent audio quality. It comes with a mic so you don’t have to go through the hassle of disconnecting your earphones to receive a call.

Its call quality is also enhanced by CVC 8.0 along with dual noise reduction technology to deliver sound clarity.

The other features of this best true wireless earbuds under 2000 in India include Touch Control (you can activate the earphones with a single touch and disconnect it as well), 4 levels LED display and sweat protection.

  • Good battery life.
  • Good audio-range.
  • Works as an emergency power bank as well.
  • Sleek design.
  • Bulky charging-case.

How to choose the perfect Wireless Earphones (Buyer’s Guide)


There are some technical specifications every user should know about and the important things you should consider before purchasing wireless earphones.

Most of these features are commonly found in the best wireless earphone under 2000 in the market. Getting thorough knowledge about the specifications will help you choose which might be the best earphones with a mic under 2000 for you.

Cost of the earphones

Wireless earphones are usually more expensive than wired alternatives. The reason behind this is that any good wireless earphone requires a quality Bluetooth chip to function.

Earphones without connecting wires between the two ear-buds usually have two individual Bluetooth chips or one of them has a primary Bluetooth chip that connects the device with the other ear-bud as well.

The wireless earphones need high-density batteries to continue running for long hours in between charges. If you compromise with either of these you might end up getting earphones with a lag and hardly an hour of battery life.

Supported Codecs

Before buying a wireless earphone look into the detailed list of codecs your preferred model supports.

If you purchase basic earphones that only support the SBC codec you will get the limited sound quality that seems flat due to the codec’s low transmission speed.

It is also essential to keep in mind the audio codecs your device support and purchase earphones that compatible with that.

If you are an Apple user you need earphones that support SBC and higher quality AAC. Buying earphones that support only SBC or other codecs such as aptX and LDAC will be a waste.

However, if you are an Android user choosing wireless earphones becomes a much easier task. The latest version of Android supports most Bluetooth codecs including the more advanced and high-performance Hi-Res aptX HD.

Proper Ear Tip

Wireless ear-tips sliding out of your ears is the last thing that you would want to worry about while on a treadmill.

If you plan on using your wireless earphones as your fitness or travel companion it is important to ensure that the earphones stay put on the move.

Too small or shallow silicon ear tips will not create a seal with your ear canal which will mess with the sound quality.

In addition to that, you will also be bugged by external noise. Many wireless earphones have a small attachable ear-fin so that the earphone sits comfortably in your ears without dropping out.

Make sure that you receive a range of different sized ear tips with your wireless earphone to pick the one which fits properly.

Battery Runtime

Wired earphones did not include the hassle of you having to remember to charge it. However wireless earphones need to be charged every few hours for them to work.

Most wireless earphones have a high-density battery inbuilt which can give you a decent run time of around five to eight hours.

Your new earphones might turn out to be useless if you spend more time charging them than using them. Unlike Bluetooth speakers, wireless earphones cannot be possibly used while charging.

Earbuds come with a charging case that allows you to recharge them on the go a few times before you have to finally plug-in the charging case to charge as well.

With wireless earphones, you do not have that option either. So it is essential that you do not make a compromise when it comes to choosing your wireless earphone’s battery runtime.

Control Panel

The best wireless earphones under 2000 should ideally include an inbuilt control panel to facilitate the user.

The basic control options should be present in your wireless earphones so you do not have to flip your Smartphone out for each and everything. Most wireless earphones have control buttons for volume up and down in addition to the power button.

Advanced features to look for while looking into the control panels of an earphone are skip the song, rewind song, pause button, play button, receive a call, and end call.

The more you are able to control your listening experience without reaching out for your Smartphone the merrier it is.

Noise Cancelling

Most wireless earphones have a noise cancellation feature which enhances the audio quality by blocking out surrounding sounds and distractions.

This feature helps you relax and forget where you are even in the noisiest train rides and busiest marketplaces. Once you plug in your wireless earphones and close your eyes you can shut out the world.

The earphones with noise cancellation are usually bulkier than the other wireless earphones. Keep in mind that this feature also drains the battery a lot faster.

It is essential for your Bluetooth earphones to have inbuilt volume control and a pause option if it has noise cancellation.

In order to ensure your own safety, you need to be able to turn the volume down or pause the audio to focus on what is happening in your surrounding without having to take your Smartphone out to do so.


All wireless earphone models are not created equally and thus volume levels also tend to differ based on which earphone you are using.

Some wireless earphones need to be turned up to maximum volume levels while outdoors whereas others can deliver sufficient volume performance even with volume levels set at 60%.

If you are purchasing from an offline shop you can test different earphone models and compare the volume levels in them. Since you will be dependent on your wireless earphones for audio transmission it is essential to choose them wisely.


Wireless earphones are more expensive and run on a more complicated mechanism than a wired earphone.

Hence make sure that the wireless earphone you buy has at least one year warranty. Find out if the company has service centers in the city you are located in.

Best Wireless Earphone Brands in India

Looking for affordable wireless earphones but do not want to compromise on sound quality and performance? There are numerous brands available on the market to choose from while buying a wireless earphone.

However, only a handful of those brands are actually trustworthy, reliable, and give you value for money.

While on the hunt for the best wireless earphones under 2000 in India, these are the top brands you should definitely check out:


Oneplus Technology co is considered to be one of the major Android phone and accessories manufacturing company. It operates in 34 countries and regions around the globe which includes India.

The company’s headquarters are located in Shenzhen province of China. Their motto is ‘Never Settle’. To keep up with this the company always combines the newest innovations with the best builds to give you the best of both worlds.

Most Oneplus wireless earphones have quick charging feature that enables you to have up to five hours battery backup after charging for only 10 minutes. A full charge gives you around eight hours of battery run time.

The earphones allow easy switching between calls, music and Google assistant without having to take out your Smartphone to do it.

The magnetic control feature pauses the playback once you simply clip the bullets together and resumes playback automatically when you separate them.

These features give you superior control, freedom from wires and charging stress.


Sony has been a trusted name when it comes to headphones and earphones for decades. One can rely on the brand to provide superior performance and long life to maintain its brand image.

Sony is a Japanese company that always brings you the best innovations and Japanese technology. The company motto is ‘Be Moved’.

Most Sony wireless earphones have a fifteen-hour long battery run time with quick charging features.

The earphones are also usually waterproof and splash-proof which enables you to enjoy your music outdoors in all kinds of weather conditions.

Sony earphones have digital noise canceling, smart noise sensors, and ambient sound mode which make it easy to enjoy high-resolution audio quality without having to worry about your safety.


Mivi is a newly established electronics brand that is based in India. The brand offers good quality products at very affordable rates.

The gadgets come with a warranty period so that you can rest assured regarding their performance and longevity.

Mivi wireless earphones have a fast charging feature that enables you to have ten hours run time by charging for only ten minutes.

Mivi earphones have a signature HD sound quality with deep and powerful bass. These earphones have an ergonomic fit and are sweatproof which makes them ideal for adventures.

These features along with enhanced calling experience and affordability make Mivi wireless earphones stand out.


Redmi is a brand that manufactures quality products at honest pricing. The Redmi sub-brand is owned by Chinese electronics company Xiaomi.

The brand earned the title of number one Smartphone brand in India and is till date one of the bestselling names in the market.

Redmi wireless earphones have twelve hour-long battery run time even with dual mic environmental noise cancellation.

The earphones support dual pairing and active switching between them automatically. Easy controls and quick commands enable you to get things done without having to take your phone out.

The earphones work with all kinds of voice assistants to give you a truly hands-free experience. The Redmi earphones are splash-proof, sweatproof, lightweight, and skin-friendly which makes them fun to wear all day long.


pTron is a mobile accessories company based in Hyderabad, India which has now expanded its business in the global market as well.

They started manufacturing products through contract manufacturers in China. The gadgets are backed by a warranty and yet are affordable.

pTron wireless earphones offer you super bass, powerful noise reduction function and crystal clear stereo sound.

In addition to that, you can enjoy around 30 hours of playtime if you keep the volume at 60% and 20-25 hours playback at 100% volume after charging for four hours.

Packed with features and long battery life these sweat-resistant wireless earphones are good daily companions.


The boAt is an Indian electronic brand established in 2015 and since then it has grown to become India’s number one Earwear audio brand.

The boAt earphones have contemporary designs and are packed with tons of features. The gadgets are backed by a warranty and are quite pocket friendly.

The boAt wireless earphones are compatible with voice assistants and are sweat and water-resistant.

The boAt earphones have up to eight hours of battery run time. Plug into Nirvana with high definition sound quality, powerful bass, and vocal clarity.

The design and superior audio performance of boAt earphones make it an ideal workout buddy.

Best Wireless Earphones Under 2000 – FAQs

Which brand of earphones lasts the longest?

SHURE Sound Insulation Earphones SE215 Special Edition is well-constructed pieces of earphones which fit your ears comfortably & provide amazing voice clarity.

RHA MA750 (Gen 2) gives good quality audio & is very durable. It is made of stainless steel & is reinforced with oxygen-free cable.

Bose SoundSport in-ear earphones – Charcoal is weather-resistant & long-lasting. It’s engineered & tested for its quality & durability & gives natural & clear sounds.

Which are the best Bluetooth earphones under 2000?

Noise Tune Charge Bluetooth Wireless Neckband Earphone by boat has a battery life of 16 hours and gives amazing audio quality & can connect with 2 devices through BlueTooth at once.

boAt Rockerz 255 Pro in-Ear Bluetooth Neckband Earphone with Mic have a playback time of 6 hours on charging for 1 hour & can connect with both android and iOS. 

 Realme in-Ear Bluetooth Earphone with Mic has a supercharging feature of 10 minutes which gives 100 minutes of playback time. The earbuds are magnetic & tangle-free.

How do I choose wireless earphones under 2000?

When choosing to purchase an earphone for yourself, make sure to look into several important features determining the quality of the earphone.

Brands like Boat, Mivi, Sony, Bose, MI are the top brand to look for when purchasing Bluetooth earphones.

Other features like audio quality, battery life, durability, must also be considered. Also, reviews are an important point to consider.

What is the difference between earphones and headphones?

Earphones & headphones, although serve a similar purpose, have some differences. Earphones fit inside your ears while headphones hold your head and then sticks over your ears.

Which are the best cheap true wireless earbuds under 2000?

OPPO Enco W11 True Wireless Earbuds has a long-lasting playback time of up to 20 hours. It has an ultra-small and portable design & weighs just 4.4 grams. This earbud is compatible with any kind of android devices.

Are cheap wireless earbuds safe?

Cheap earbuds have not been reported as causing any such harm to their users. However, these earbuds which are available at low prices are mainly of low quality and may be very less durable with poor audio quality. The battery life may also be extremely low.

Conclusion for best wireless earphones under 2000

Wireless earphones are your daily companion for music and calls that you cannot do without.

Finding the best wireless earphones under 2000 for yourself amongst all the available varieties does sound like a tough job, but with the help of this buying guide, your work will become much easier.

Make sure you go through this article and choose the wireless earphones with the specs you need the most.

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